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New bed goodies from Iple House

Oct 30, 2005

    1. Wow, those sets are gorgeous, I think I'm going to have trouble from my dolls now *_*
    2. What's the actual size of the SD beds? Could two (or three) MSDs sleep in one, or would it look totally out of proportion?
    3. Dan walnut bed - Size (width)51cm x (length)69.5cm x (heigh) 5.5 cm
      Neo red pine bed - Size (width)68cm x (length)79cm x (heigh) 29.5 cm

      Out of curiosity, one of the notices on the Iplehouse website states that they are no longer taking orders for furniture.

      However, they do list the beds and bedding sets as in stock. So, are those items still available for ordering until the stock runs out, or are they only there to tantalize us?
    4. doesnt domuya.net still have some iplehouse stuff?
    5. Valentine, I didn't read the actual notice, but from what you quoted it sounds as if their not taking orders for any more furniture in 2005, but will continue in 2006. That, to me, seems like a reasonable explanation for the beds being marked in stock. Keep in mind, that's only my guess.

      Also, these beds were available on the Korean site for some time, but it's nice to see them on the English site, so I finally know whether it's the bed frame or the bedding I'm looking at.
    6. So if you order now, do you get your furniture now, or do you have to wait until 2006 in order to get it? The notice went on to say that they will be releasing a new furniture line in 2006. Which is why I thought that it might that the furniture listed as in stock now was available now, as leftovers of the 2005 line.