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New Bidding Website! Dollfie Bid! [NEW UPDATE!!]

Jan 14, 2005

    1. Well, I just now finished as much as I could on Dollfie Bid. I still hope to get it its own domain once time comes for it. It has never been used so things are going to be a little bit wobbly for awhile until I can work out all the kinks! Right now it is in its Beta Testing stage, please feel free to use it and if you come across any problems e-mail me!


      :D :D

      Edit: I was just looking through and it appears that this is fee free! That means you can list things without having to pay for it.

      They DO have a feedback option!!! THATS SO GREAT XD okay sorry for spazzing.. <3

    2. What all types of things are you going to allow on it? I mean, will it only be BJD, or will there be regular 1/6 Dollfies/ Dollfie types? Clothes, accessories, etc.?
    3. Well so far it is just BJD, clothes, accesories, furnitures, etc. I haven't thought about putting 1/6th on there though :) I could do that ^__^
    4. Kewl...I just registered

      ps Test auction is a cutie!
    5. 1/6 doll auctions would be cool :O
    6. 1/6 doll auctions has been added :D
    7. Oh, this is cool! Must try it out! ^_^
    8. AWESOME! I LOVE YOU! :D Finally a nice place to sell your dollie stuff *-*
    9. If you would like to try a real auction, let me know and I will put something from AjumaPama up if you would like.

      I hope this works, eBay is getting so expensive. I think you should take a listing fee though, seems fair.

      Good Luck,
    10. WOW! Just registered and the site looks great.

      I am pretty psyched to see how things go. And I do agree with Karin, while this site was concieved in order to avoid eBay fees, at least a listing fee would be reasonable especially if things go swimmingly and you need to upgrade server space etc. and need funds.

      Thanks for this!

      - Michelle
    11. Please do list something!

      The thing is I don't think this program I have charges a listing fee, so there is no use in making people have fees. I am however thinking about putting up a donation button so people can contribute to keeping the place up and running, and hopefully get it its own domain :D
    12. I just put a pair of boots up and a wig. I have a few other things but I am getting ready to crash for the night. I will let other doll boards know about this. I think it is fabulous idea.

      You should email the moderator and see if the link can be put somewhere permanently for easy access.


      Oh! There should be a place that says what size of pictures and types you can load. I had to resize mine about 3x before it would accept them.
    13. I didn't know there was a limit! XD Thanks for informing that to me! I'll be sure to check it out and put it in the News section on the webpage, even put it in the help area.

      :D I'll pm the moderator about that too. Thanks for the compliments! :D
    14. I was going to suggest a donations button lol, but somebody beat me to it.
    15. I think it is safe to say the max size is 300 x 400 px. :) Made a Help and News file about that. Am putting up a donation button now :)
    16. You should make the site a secure site (you know, the little lock icon that sometimes appears in the bottom of your window to let you know that the site is secure?) Espically since when we register, we have to put all of our information in ... I don't like that my info is just wandering around out there unsecure, it's a bit unsettling. ^^;

      Otherwise, it's a really cute idea! It reminds me of when I used to play Ragnarok Online, there were a couple of auction sites for the game that you could post items you wanted to trade and sell in-game for game money, etc.
    17. The largest I was able to fit was 200x200. Also it would not take my URL to use off my site instead of uploading a photo to yours. It kept saying it was not a JPG but it was.

      I will try again tomorrow or Saturday. Super idea!

    18. Hmm thank you for your feedback! I will look into making this a secure auction site and fix the max image limit. (Thats really strange because I was able to use a 300x400 ^^)

      Edit: I do have an SSL function but I don't know how to use it at the moment. I'll be researching into this to make the auction site secure :)
    19. Oh wow, this is so cute and amazing Ryuichi~ :D :D

      Is there a "But it Now" option available at all?
    20. Seraphym Nadeshikou> Unfortunately I do not believe there is a "Buy It Now" function. Sorry!

      SSL News> Well, I went to the SSL Manager and had a key, and certificates made for www.kiss-shining.com. Does this mean it is automatically secure now? I'm not exactly sure how this works... Perhaps tomorrow I will get in contact with my webhosts.