New Doll New Big Baby Matcha,Mousee with new pear body type

Jan 1, 2017

    1. Hello, everyone,

      Glad to post the first new thread here.
      MYOU Doll brought the new big baby Matcha and Mousee big babies with the new pear body in the last day of 2016. We hope you like them :) .

      Also, before 10th Jan 2017, order the new dolls can also get the 15% off discount.

      Here is the big baby girl Motcha:


      Big baby boy Mousee:


      The new type pear body :


      Thank you very much.
      Welcome to visit us :

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    2. Can you get Matcha with the original body?
    3. Yes, you can order Matcha with the original body. The full doll price with original type body price is US$310.
      Thank you.
    4. I'm a little confused, is this body 30cm or 42cm, thanks!
    5. According to the individual product pages, they are 42cm.
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