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New BJD company Ssin (60 cm and 10.8 cm dolls)

Dec 17, 2004

    1. Another day - another BJD company: introducing Ssin:

      2 rather nice 60 cm boys and some VERY small (and FUNNY looking) 10.8 cm dollies. Heads also sold seperately..

      Nice website with lots of clothes, shoes, wigs, eyes and more.

      I've just added them to gigglegeek.dk along with Ricky, Dive, Elysium, Rhea, Dollmore and Yubin dolls. Look under new category "Misc"
    2. Their big boy doll is cute.

      Thanks for the info...more dolls to lust after!
    3. Ooooh! He looked really cute. (obviously. xD; )

      Can't wait to see more pictures of him... bad Volks, keeping such things from us!
    4. Ooh...very neat. The dolls aren't quite my style, but I can DEFINITELY see how someone would want one. I just wish we could see body shots. :wiggle

      That first boy in the boys section - the one in the prince-like outfit - has a very hopeful expression on his face. That's what I thought when I saw him - "He looks all hopeful about something."

      And I love the black leather carrying bag.... :drool

      Do they sell to the US? Does anyone know? **lusts after the carrying bag**

      They have some pretty cool eyes, too....

      >.< That's is it! After I get Mandarin down, I'm learning Korean next. :|
    5. The dolls arnt really my style but i love some of the clothes and the shoes.... ohhh pretttyyyyyssssss!!!

    6. I *LOVE* their boots!! :D
    7. :D That "white prince" boy is to die for! *molest*
    8. The boys slightly remind me of souldolls a bit. Maybe the nose shape.

      I love the shoes too!
    9. ... are the prices listed in won or yen? *hopes they're in won*
    10. :/ The site won't come up for me...can somebody post the pics?
    11. I like them, but I REALLY hate their noses which is a shame because I love everything else about the one boy. :(
    12. Yeah--BOOTS!!!! Niiiiice.

      Carrybag was nice, too... but I have one already...!
    13. Some of the faces seem a little like a cross between Souldoll and CP/Luts. Like with the new "Rhea" dolls, I think it must just be really hard to come up with something totally new and unique in the BJD world. I like the little blond prince, though he kind of reminds me of Chiwoo from certain angles.

    14. Like with the Rhea dolls....can't say that I'm very impressed. But the shoes are nice though.
    15. Just wanted to say, I'm a big fan of your site :) you're and Aimee's are my fav BJD sites :) :D
    16. THANKS!!!! *hugs*
      I made GiggleGeek.dk as a tool for myself and I'm SO happy others like it too.
    17. If you still can access the Ssin page you can see the dolls at my site (link in my signature).
      Look under "Misc"
    18. How much are the tiny ones?
    19. I like the tiny too!
      love the little one with the pink hair !