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New BJD "FeePle" by Fairyland & Opening Event!

May 18, 2007

    1. I'm not sure if this has been posted already, but I was asked by Fairyland (I am their English rep) to post a thread in DoA about their new 70cm doll "FeePle".

      Fairyland, the Korean company who designed Delf and MiniFee, released new 70cm tall BJD, FeePle (compound word of Fee (fairy) and People (human)) and opened a new shopping mall.

      To celebrate worldwide launching of 70cm ball-joint doll FeePle, “Esther” (female) and “Riff” (male), Fairyland is holding special events, such as free shipping, free makeup, free gift etc.
      Freebies only apply while the event is held!

      Visit http://efdoll.dreamweb.co.kr/ for more details.

      http://doll.fairyland.co.kr/ (Korean page)
    2. will pictures of the bodies be made available any time soon on either site?
    3. I'm confused, I thought that Cerebus Project designed and sculpted the Delfs and MiniFee? *_*
    4. I thought so, too. But Liria has been the CP rep for a long time, so I'm guessing it's probably the same group, and they simply changed their name.

      I'm seconding that question about the bodies! I never consider buying a doll until I've seen the body nude.
    5. According to a post on their notice board, CP are their 'long time partner'.
      CP is a company that sells mainly model kits/figures, though, AFAIK, and I would guess that Fairyland is who they partnered with to enter the market of BJDs, and consequently, Delf dolls are Fairyland-designed dolls sold by the parent company CP...through the distributer Luts. :? Confused yet? XD

      FWIW the Chiwoo Elf paperwork mentions Fairyland as the designer.
    6. I was looking at the FAQ and saw this for every one that wasn't to keen on the heads
      "Q. Is it possible to use male FeePle head on female body, and vice versa?
      A. Yes, the heads are interchangeable. Luts Delf heads (new neck joint types) also fit on FeePle body."
    7. will they be selling bodies and heads seperately?
    8. Photos of naked bodies have been uploaded (click Introducing FeePle icon) on the website.
      As for the relationship between CP, Fairyland and Luts, they will be sending me the explanation. I will post that in general discussion.
    9. Cutie Delfs have always said:
      Model Design & Sculpted by: F.E.D.F (Far East Doll (Dream) Factory) / Fairyland.
      and I always wondered why Cory and Soony looked so alike if they were sculpted by different people.

      So now it's all starting to make a kind of sense.... :)