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May 19, 2006

    1. HI~~

      Unidoll english site is open~!!

      Please come and see our lovely dolls.

      Thank you~~


      Here is our a incoming doll.

    2. Very beautiful site & dolls! Already 9 dolls available, wow. But I see 9 dolls on the site and the coming one is #11, so where is the #10? ^___^
      Is it possible to have pictures of the bodies?
    3. Wow these are so lovely ^-^ Are they 60cm tall?
    4. Very pretty dolls!

      In each description there's a link for the body size.
      58cm (girl) and 58.5cm (boy)
    5. Wonderful dolls, where can I see the bodies?
      There is a small/large breast option. Would like to see the differences. And how do the boy bodies look like?

      When will the UH-11 will be released?
    6. The UH-11 is listed with a Release Date of 2006.05.25
      A photo of the UH-10 can be seen here.

      I am devastated by their mouths. So beautiful! But I would also really love to see photos of the body before committing.

      (editted to fix link)
    7. i'm in love with uh-08, but are they all limited? or just uh-10 and uh-11?
    8. The makeup option appears free. Is that true? :ablink:

      These are awesome dolls.
    9. According to this page
      he is LE 200 worldwide i think.
    10. I put some of the pictures in the large doll section for anyone who can't get onto the web site. I hopr this is ok. The pictures come directly from my photobucket account.
    11. The clothes on your dolls are so beautiful! Please tell me you will be adding clothes soon?

      I think I found my dream boy ... :aheartbea
    12. The links in the pages - for example the link to get to the table of measurements within each doll page, and the links on the registration pages to check for the availability of a username - work fine in Internet Explorer, but I've noticed that they do not work as links in Mozilla Firefox (which is my default browser).
      I just thought this should be brought to attention if it hasn't already.
    13. A couple questions. ^___^

      First, can we have body pictures? Please? :D
      Second, what skin tones would they match?
      Third, can I assume none of them are sold out (*cough* UH-08 ) since they all have purchase options on their pages?
      Fourth, are options really free (basic makeup, different busts), or are the prices just not up?

      ...OK, more than a couple questions. ^^

      They're absolutely gorgeous. *lusts after UH-08 with sanded ears*
    14. Hi~ again
      I just post body pictures and size data on FAQ board.
      And we'll take more pictures of nude body later.
    15. http://www.unidoll.com/en/faq_view.php?pid=9&page=1

      For those of you who are interested--here's the direct link to the nude body images in the FAQ. ^^ I know I had a little trouble finding it, so here you go.

      Their bodies are lovely. :D The boys are quite buff, and the difference in bust size isn't in size so much as fullness--I really like the body shapes. ^______^

      EDIT: Oh God, the boys' hips. *dead of hot*
    16. Hi~~ everyone..

      * UH-10 and UH-11 now on sale.
      * UH-12 and UH-13 coming out soon.





    17. HI~~ ^^
      We are photo Team in unidoll
      Our gallery site open~~

      There aren't a lot of photos, but we will consistently update this gallery

      please visit our gallery and enjoy ~~

    18. The links for Unidoll aren't working....anyone know what's going on with them? Thanks!
    19. Hello StephG

      Our site work without trouble Now

      Something wrong between Our Site Server To your computer.

      if you can't contacts our site continuously, Please mail to me

      I try to solve the contacting problem

      Company Email address is help@unidoll.com

      Have a good time~~

      From UNIDOLL