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New "Blind" Mini Heads at Leeke: Ange, Alvin and Judy! and now Lana!

Jun 25, 2008

    1. Has anyone else seen the new Leeke M heads? I think they're super cuuute.


      I guess how it works is that you order a "blind" head and you're randomly sent one of the three.

      Judy reminds me of the new Custom House MSDs, and Ange definitely reminds me of Leeke's Mihael, but way cuter. She reminds me of the AIL dolls too. Alvin is so adorably pouty. The teeth are too cute!

      So what do you guys think? is anyone going to try for one? I wish they were my style.

      edit: they've added a fourth head! Lana is very cute!
    2. I was confused as to why they were calling them "blind" for a moment. They're sweet looking dolls but I'm not sure if I'd like not knowing which one I was getting XP Though I do kind of like them all equally... kind of.
    3. I really like Judy, but don't care for any of the others. Seeing how there'd be only a 1 in 3 chance of getting the one I want, I'll probably save my money.
    4. I like Judy and Ange, not sure yet whether I'll order one. Gotta be reasonable odds that I'd get one that I like! I really like the bodies they fit too.
    5. wow, alvin is really cute... what bodies match up with leeke?
    6. omg! i know this is off topic but soda is SO adorable!!!

      I actually think Lana looks a little like a DOD doll, but i can't put my finger on which one.... She's really pretty tho. I like all of them except for Ange, and with my luck if I ordered that would be the one I would get :lol:
    7. I like Alvin and Ange... >_> I'm going to order two heads and hope that I get at least one of them, I think.

      Ange has such character!

      Guess I ought to order a body for the heads too... >_>
    8. I think Lana looks kind of like a Junior Leila or Minoru from Minoruworld, more than a DOD. XP Although I THINK you might be thinking of the Twing-key mould. Lana's noise is pointier than Twing-key's though, which is why I think she looks like Leila. XD
    9. Oh man, I'm in love with Judy! Anybody willing to trade with me if I get one besides her? Also, I happen to have a spare Doll in Mind body-anybody know if the Snow skin matches it?
    10. Well, I asked Leeke on their Board, and if I order all 3 heads, they will send out one of each mold. I only want Ange, so it seems that buying all 3 heads is the only way to be assured that you get the mold that you want. If I decide I can afford three heads I will be selling the other two. And DIM resin is very, very, pink, snowskin wouldn't match at all.
    11. Yes, I just thought there would be a pretty good chance of someone being interested in a swap if we each get the heads the other wanted.
    12. I'm ordering two heads, and if one of them is a Judy I'd be willing to swap with you. What skintone did you have in mind?
    13. Either one would be fine, really. Whichever you're planning on.
    14. Well, I was thinking I'd just get NS. That way if I decide to keep both the heads I get it won't be too hard to get a body for the one left floating.
    15. I would LOVE to have Ange but she's the only one I like...maybe she'll show up on the Marketplace.

      Wish I liked Lana...it would be nice to have a namesake for once!
    16. I am trying to love them...
      But they just don't strike me,
      And the chance of not getting the one I wanted also is no good.

      Good luck to those who are trying!
    17. I really like Ange I wonder want bodies would work.
    18. NS works for me! It does seem like it would be much, much easier to get a body for (plus to swap if it's not the one I wanted).
    19. Oh my, Ange is seriously adorable! I think I'll buy two and the body in snowskin, 2 out of 3 are pretty good odds right? :sweat Hopefully I'll be able to trade or sell/buy Ange if I don't get her.
    20. I think the leeke ns might match luts real skin.
      I have a honey delf pudding that's yellowed pretty badly, but her stomache that's not yellowed looks really similar to my leeke mable's resin.