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New boots for Delf/SD at eLuts

Oct 26, 2004

    1. ^^ I just bought a pair of the shorter Delf boots for Jaede. ^^ They're coming on Friday- I'm so excited!
    2. Oh, and Luts also has a carrying bag (!!!!) and a few more new clothing items.
    3. Do you think these will be in stock for a while? Or will they be out of stock in a couple days...?
    4. You never know with doll companies. 0_o
    5. *nods sadly* That's true...see, my issue is that if I buy them...I won't be able to afford a doll ^^;
      Well, hopefully another sweet pair comes up again.
    6. Is the doll you want a normally stocked doll? If so, I say get the boots, b/c, in my experience anyhow, it is SO DARN HARD to get the accessories you want for your doll. They are always sold out when it comes time to get them, and then when you find them at auction, they are more expensive than if you had just bought them outright. =/

      If I see shoes i -know- I will love and will look good on my brood, I get them. Same with outfits. :)

    7. SO they fit SD girls? and SD boys right ?

      Not SD13 girls? and boys
    8. Nope, they'll be WAY too small on SD-13 boys, since the shoes are 8cm.

      Oh, and Luts added new shoes to the site! Mary Janes, yum. ^^
    9. I'm either getting an LE SD13 or Elf Lishe...so, no ^^;;;;
    10. Just so you all know...The black boots are now marked as sold out. =/
    11. ^^ They're so cool that I'm not suprised they sold out already. But I believe they'll have more in stock for next month or in a couple weeks.
    12. I received the white ankle eyelet boots few days ago and they're great, really high quality.
      and...since I couldn't resist...yesterday I ordered the black MaryJanes too... :oops: man...i'm getting obsessed over doll shoes just as much as i am for MINE!!!

    13. Sigh, I've been waiting and waiting for things to come back in stock. The wig I want is out of stock, the eyes I want are out of stock, the extra hands I want are out of stock, the jeans I want are out of stock, the shirt I want is out of stock, even the *underwear* I want is out of stock! :cry:

      <grumble, grumble>

      Loki's Mom