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New BoyAndGirl (B&G) Dolls: Eleanor, Lyall, Sky Type2, Freya Type2

Dec 14, 2008

    1. Eleanor
      Freya Type2
      Sky Type2

      Discuss these new lovlies~

      Is Lyall a boy? I think he/she has the boy hands, but the skirt (or maybe it's a kilt?) kind of threw me off.
    2. Oh nice :D

      Lyall definately looks like a boy to me :)
    3. I love the new Sky... now if only I could get him with elf ears and a female body... :sweat
    4. I like that the second version head is called 'Sleeping Sky' over on the Chinese website, 'Dreaming Sky' on Layla's site and 'Sky Special' over at Denver Dolls so the third version just gets to be 'New Version Sky' because they've already used up all the other possible names for it.

      . . . on a more serious note I would dearly love for B&G to offer some of these molds in tanned skin.

      ETA: Oh wait he is called Sky Type 2. Man, that is going to be confusing. The only changes I'm seeing to the sculpt is the eyes are slightly more closed. Shouldn't that make him Type 3?
    5. i definetly want lyall and eleanor
    6. I'm definitely going to be getting a Lyall head, but he'll be ending up on a 70cm body as the character he will be is that tall in relation to my other dolls' characters.
      ...I also want to get Eleanor, but as a boy...that face is just too cute. X3
    7. I love the new Sky. Do you think the sites that have the dolls already will get these new ones? Can international buyers buy from the Chinese site?
    8. I would totally like to see Eleanor as a boy too!
      I was kind of hoping that they would continue to offer all their heads with male and female bodies.
      When did they stop doing that? :?
    9. You can still do that, but you have to explicitly say "I want x head with x body."

      International buyers can buy from Layla from herbtiger.com/shop, although I don't know if you can order them yet or not. It was just kind of like BAM NEW DOLLS without any notice.
    10. I really like Eleanor and Lyall. I also like the new Freya a lot better. Every time I set my sights on one doll another one comes out that makes me question myself. It's maddening!
    11. So . . . are the type 2 Sky and Freya a different headmold from the original? Or are they just being given new presentation and being sold with the type 2 body as default? :? At first glance the eyes do look less round, but makeup can REALLY do wonders . . .
    12. Lyall=lust for me.
      I love that they keep coming out with more heads, but I'd almost wish they'd pause on the new heads (mainly cause my wallet is having trouble determining who to save up for), and focus on making some double jointed bodies. I liked the slim type one, and the muscular type two. I adore their asthetics, but after playing with Sera for a few monthes, I'm beginning to wish she had double joints, and wouldn't mid getting some new arms/legs for her for that purpose.
      Just my two cents.
    13. Waaah. I like them all, actually.
      I don't care for Eleanor's eyes as much, but I like her mouth (and the faceup with freckles is just adoooorable).
      Ahhh, the new Sky ... whoooa. I love him.

      And I'm pretty sure Lyall is a boy (the height, hands, just his general shape screams boy to me).
    14. I like the new sky a lot more then the first one ^^ I like the eyes better that way. I think B&G are going that way. their dolls have been slightly different since Afra and Sapphira. smaller.

      *still love her sunny*
    15. Gah! My stupid school computer isn't letting me onto the B&G doll website right now. I want to see them! :...( I'm sure they're beautiful! I adore my Dreaming Sky!
    16. Just for you VT


      Lyall looks lovely, would make a great girl or boy, the skirt was a bit confusing for me too.
    17. He's a boy. And he's wearing a manly kilt, which is awesome. (*3*)

      The new heads are great! :D
    18. I would like to know this as well. My boyfriend is considering a Freya and I want to make sure about Freya. I think they're the same mold as before just different make up and clothes.
    19. Oh wow! I really love 'Eleanor' - and she has the same name as my beautiful wife!! :)
    20. I love the new Freya, esp. with those brown eyes.