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Dec 4, 2004

    1. Well.....mixed thoughts on these.
      Good that they are not limited, so we can get them whenever, but I wish they were limited so I could FINALLY get one of those kick-ass gorgeous outfits!
      I am assuming since they are not lim. they come nekkid.
    2. Well, they are "full sets," so maybe Dream of Doll will release a less-expensive, nude version?
      Besides, my Dream of Doll order (without shipping) totalled around $340, so it's not a bad deal, for all of the stuff you're getting with a full-set doll. :grin:
    3. Clothes are in too... I hope there'll be a naked version but I like the hoo clothes as well so... I'm ok! ^____^ I'll buy this guy! Sooon
    4. They are definitely clothed then?
      The US website does not say.
    5. I'll get him in 8 months. I'll get Hoo. I hope he'll be at stock, etc, etc... Mikael now know "hoo" he'll be XD


    6. OK! They also have the cheaper versions now heheeheh!!! *__* WONDERFUL TO ME!
    7. And they have just the heads, and the long-leg body, too!!!~~


      Incase you want a short boy... XD

      I'm so excited! This makes me really happy!

      I don't have any money, though... ;_;
    8. Or a girl - I know some people were saying they hoped Si would be a girl...

      I'm SO relieved they aren't limited and are actually within my price range (20.00 more than the others isn't that bad at all!) I think I can actually relax and save for them rather than charging them to my credit card (which would be BAD of me)... But as much as Dimitrii is screaming for a girlfriend, I think he'd love a boyfriend too ^_^;;; (greedy little SOB isn't he? ;P )
    9. omg I thought it'd be U but Hoo has called to me *_*
    10. Awwww *pouts*

      "Wig: The wig in this image will not sent together with the doll, you will have a wig that is shown in full-set image. "

      Not that that's bad, but I really love Si's white kitty wig!!!!!
    11. Me, too. The long one is neat, but not as cute. Oh well, maybe they'll sell the furry wigs seperatly later.
    12. Darnit, I wanted the kitty wig too... -.-; He can't be Mytho without the fuzzy wig. :\

      Angelic Eyes: No, it doesn't. It doesn't even come with the fuzzy wig, it comes with a more normal looking brown wig... :\
    13. I don't think so...

      "Wig: The wig in this image will not sent together with the doll,

      you will have a wig that is shown in full-set image. "

      "This set doesn't include any of outfit."

      it's just a clothed picture...
    14. Sorry Tender Yen............ but OMG I must have U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmm do you think the full set dolls come with make up? It doesn't say that the faces come unpainted. If it comes with make up..... I might just have to get the fullset XD I dunno. But I am glad that the non fullset version come with the fullset wigs. I am in love with U's wig! Why is his name U.......... XD

      Now I gotta decide if I want the full set or the non full set.... the clothes that they come with rock! XD If the full set includes make up...... it's only a 60 dollar difference between the standard and full set! That's not too bad actually, well worth the kick ass costume he comes with I think!

      Wait the standard dolls don't have store credit! While they're even more than the other standard set!!!!!!!

      Only I am kinda worried now...... with their legs being longer. Will they fit MSD clothing! It's only a 2 cm different in their height....... so it should be okay I think!

      Now I must save for him! Must buy U..........
    15. I'm really tempted to just get the head and body... since I'm not all that fond of the wig or eyes that come with Hoo, and it's a little cheaper. ^^;

      I'm so itching to order it now....
    16. That...is a really good question... *wants Si NOW* ^^;
    17. I was planning on eventually getting a Yen . . . though I like Hoo better! :D . He's definitely on my list, though I'll probably buy the regular boy body and the head separarately to save some money.
    18. I love the outfit that comes with Hoo! I like it even more than U's actually.... sexy pants! His wig is cool... but I like Hu's more XD....I'd offer to buy the outfit from the fullset Hoo.... but I gotta order U and then I'm not getting him till early jan XD also I do like Hoo's wig.... but I'll have 4 DOD wigs and one fur one awaiting my boy..... so I don't need another one hehe. Getting the body and head sounds like a good option for you!

      I love Hoo's outfit and Si's outfit and wig to pieces though! But Hu's wig is awesome! The outfit is cool.... just I dislike the not connected pant leg on one side..... but the chains make it kinda sexy XD

      I am pretty sold on the fullset version........ just as long as makeup is included! I e-mailed DOD so hoprefully I'll get a reply soon and find out. [/quote]