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new boy's head " Siho" by weepydoll

Dec 17, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      Greetings from weepydoll!
      We introduce to you, the all new boy's head, " Siho".


      Head's size : 8.5 inch (smallsize head)
      Eye's size 16~18mm
      Available bodies Volks SD 9, 13/ Luts delf
      Skin's color has been copied based on Volks pure nomal.


      if you ask question, visit my website or send to my mail



      merry christmas~:hollyberry:bellcookie

    2. OOo I love his face. He is very lovely. I want him xD;; How much is he?
    3. The information page on the website for Siho is here. Lots of different faceup style examples!

      It lists him as being $183 USD (+shipping)