New Company New Brand 【Plumedoll 】Cat And Fox**Stacy's Pink Ocean)

Nov 1, 2017

    1. Hello. Nice to meet you all. :)
      We are so happy to introduce about a new brand Plumedoll from China.

      The artists only created pets at first,now they started to create BJD girl.But we will introduce the pets today.^^




      They also have some other pets,such as dog,dragon,rabbit,sheep/goat and so on.
      You can buy them from Stacy's Pink Ocean.

      The sale page:

      We accept layaway.Thank you for your attention!
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    2. These are adorable! Is there a comparison picture for the different resin colors anywhere that we could refer to?
    3. Question on the skintones. I see the Mouse pictured in a brown, but it's not offered as an option in the listing, is that an oversite? Also.... are there any measurements for the doll as well? I see one had the eyes listed as 18mm which seems really large for a 1/12th doll...
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    4. I've pre-ordered the little dragon weeks ago from the company and they listed these dolls as 1/8. I went back to the page and I don't see any measurements but there are customers who received their dolls already so here's a comparison. Also for resin, all of the dolls only came in 4 shades so it seems that the brown was a faceup/body blushing done by the artist.
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    5. JellyFancy, thank you so much! This info and picture is super helpful!
    6. I will ask for the pictures later.^^
    7. Oh,no,I just was told that the tan skin tone was limited.Now the skin tone is not discontinued.
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    8. A comparison picture for the different resin colors was updated just now.
    9. Just so people are aware, the resin comparison photo is a little misleading. I ordered the mouse Rua Rua from taobao in pink skin, but it's not a pink pink, it's more like a normal skin pink. Just letting people know, because I thought it looked more like a baby pink from the comparison photo and I was a little disappointed when it arrived and it looked like normal skin, lol.
    10. Do they offer painting for the fox? Would it be possible to have the dragon painted in purple or lavender rather than blue?
    11. I will let the artist know it.^^
    12. Hi,yes.we offer painting for the fox.You can choose other color for the dragon.