New Company New Brand[Conarium]And The Two 120cm Girls-Eve and Lilith *STACY'S PINK OCEAN*

Mar 27, 2017

    1. Hi,everyone.I am very happy to introduce a new BJD brand to you.Of cause it is a Chinese brand.The BJD artist is very very professional,He wanted to try something new,and I believe you have new choice,because Conarium dolls are 120cm tall dolls. Now the company has two 120cm girls.They can wear Kid's wigs ,shoes and clothes up to 120cm.It is very easy to get them.^^I hope you like them.

      From March 28th~April 30th,if you buy the doll,you can get 10% discount.



      Eve sale page:Conarium 120cm Girl-Eve -
      Eve head:Conarium 120cm Girl Head -Eve -
      Lilith sale page:Conarium 120cm Girl-Lilith -
      Lilith head:Conarium 120cm Girl Head -Lilith -
      Body:Conarium 120cm female body -


      We accept layaway,but the first payment can't less than 20% of the total price.The time can't more than 6 monthes. If you have your own layaway plan,please contact us.^^

      For more details, please visit our

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    2. what a remarkable girl!

      the weight of the doll with box for shipping as listed on your site as 25 kilograms, which is 55 pounds! How much does this doll weigh on it's own? Dollmore Trinity dolls are only 15cm (5 inches) shorter but they weigh 7 kg or 15 pounds, Conarium doll can't weigh more than twice as much, right?
    3. Is the artist the same as who created the SpiritDoll Dolce line?
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    4. Hi,the nude doll is 11.5kg.The rest weight is the packaging and the boxes.We have had a lot of discussion about the packing and boxes.But because the doll is very heavy and long,We were not sure that the cardboardbox could protect the doll during so long journey,the cardboardbox maybe very easy to break in the middle.So we use two boxes to protect the doll.The inner box is wood-plate box,the outer box is cardboardbox.If we only use the common cardboardbox.the weight is only around 15kg.But it is not safe.
      By the way,I want to let you know the quality of the doll is very good.The standing and mobility are very wonderful.^^
      This is the doll in her inner box.
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    5. Yes,he is the artist.You are very smart.He wanted to try something new,so he created this brand.He will create many characteristic dolls in the future.^^
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    6. They're so beautiful! :D Wow! These are the largest bjds I've seen yet! It's fantastic cause usually the larger dolls (~90cm) are all male. Can they stand on their own? <3
    7. will there be male doll too? :D
    8. Gorgeous doll, if it wasn't a single torso I would totally consider adding her to my collection. Do you think in the future you might consider at least a 2 part torso to give more poseability?
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    9. Gorgeous girls!

      I noticed that Lilith has two faceup options. For the one with the eye on her head, is that just an attachment?
    10. Yes; if you look at the blank shots of the Lillith head on the sales page, there is no third eye.