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New brown tan Gem 'Godo'-Soom

Jul 4, 2006

    1. [​IMG]

      i updated some more pictures.^^

    2. At this time,we have only two.. fated_stars.
      I will update more pictures
    3. edit- Ack. Sorry...didn't mean to post here....uhh question: Do we know whether he'll be limited or OOAK?
    4. Yes~souls 101,
      Brown tan Godo will be limited.;)
    5. Do you have any idea if that wig or other dred wigs will be offered up for sale seperately? It's amazing... I've been looking for a wig like that everywhere.
    6. yes Sikona~
      Soom is planning to offer other dred wig;I think that wig is not for sale.
      Because two peoples just made that one wig and took 4days*_*
      But we have any confirmed plan of sale seperately yet.
      If there's any updated news,I will inform you by posting here.^^

    7. that doll so rocks! will the doll come with the wings painted on its back?
    8. Sorry atrika~,
      The doll cannot come with the wings tattoo.:(
      if the tattoo is included to the doll, the price will be too expensive.
      Soom would like to offer the dolls at the good price-as low as possible.
      Candy-our face up artist-drew that tattoo 24hours a day.
    9. 'The 1st ordering of Godo' is started.
      Only 10 dolls are available in this period.

      * 1st ordering info:

      - 1st ordering period : from 7th to17th July
      - 1st shipping period : from 18th to 22nd July

      * set information :
      - Brown tan skin Godo(assembled)
      - 16mm SOOM eyes(n04 silentnight)
      - default wig(short fur wig in the picture)
      - 2 cotton pillows
      - manual & certificate of authenticty

      if you add default face up, please choose the face up style from option.