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New Carriers and more at Featherfall!

Jul 27, 2008

    1. After asking for many months -- they're finally here!!

      YO-SD Shoes are in.

      And now the new carriers for 70 cm and SD dolls:

      Also, 2 new carriers for MSD dolls!

      In addition to the carriers, we also have a range of BB shoes!

      They will be up on our site in a couple of hours, to go for our next pre-order.
    2. Will you have dimensions posted for these bags? The MSD carrier looks like it could fit an SD O_O Also, all of the descriptions say they fit 70cm dolls (even the MSD one). Is that true?

    3. hi, can you also please post pics of the insides of the bag? just to check the cushioning and straps and stuff... thanks!
    4. The dimensions are on the Doll Zone site.

      Here's a link to the "carrier" page:


      If you need metric converted to SAE, go here:


      Hope that helps.

      Yes, I would like to see that also. Even though Doll Zone didn't release any "inside" photos on their web site, I hope someone will in the near future.

    5. I would like to know how many dolls could be fit into one. Or if you can fit more than one in the 70cm ones. :333
    6. what would shipping to the uk be and how many sd's can fit in the sd carrier? thanks!
    7. How many MSD's can fit in the MSD carrier?
    8. We will ask DZ for photos of the interior for you.
      As for how many it fits, these are their dimensions:

      70 cm carrier: Size: 78cm*17cm*25cm
      MSD carrier: 52*17cm*17

      We never recommend that you stuff in more than one ( even if in their old carriers we've fit about 2 70 cm and a couple of chibis), because then its not safe for the dolls or their faceups. You're welcome to try different arrangements on your own, though.

      Shipping will be calculated through the cart. For something like the carriers though, if you're in Europe you're better off ordering them from one of the local dealers ( for the 70 cm ones) as shipping to Europe something that size is prohibitively expensive.