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NEW Casting PIX! Machina by Batchix -Enchantment Doll- shipping soon : - )

Dec 13, 2007

    1. Hi everyone,
      I've been leading a double life the past few weeks. The significant other in my life has become Machina, the wonderful robot girl by DOA's own Batchix. Along with some casting artists here in the USA, we have been working on professional molds and casting for Machina to bring her to you.


      Today was really exciting-- test cast day. This means that all the molds were used to make each piece of her for the very first time. It was almost like watching her be born anew.

      And here she is... the test casting of Machina by Batchix:


      I'd never strung her before, and so I was so nervous doing it with all the other artists watching me! EEP! I ended up mixing her left and right thighs.. :doh It was obvious I'd blown it, because her leg wasn't straight. Snip snip, I cut the ribbons and redid it. With everyone still watching me... so embarrassed!


      Thank goodness I had help. Machina Clover came along with me. She was our Machina on display at IDEX in Florida last month. Once our test girl was strung, Clover took over and gave her Machina lessons. It was so cute seeing them together.


      Our little test girl was a bit nervous at first, but Clover really helped give her confidence in becoming a Machina.


      So up we get!


      Standing straight..


      and dancing!

      We will be casting Machina next week in blue and white. To order Machina from this special first casting, please go to www.enchantmentdoll.com

      FAQ about this shoot:
      The eyes you see are by Masterpiece Eyes from USA.
      Casting is being done in an industrial art workshop here in the USA.
      Sculpt and facepainting by Batchix.
      Enchantment Doll is managed by Dollfair International in the USA.

      Congratulations Sarah!
      Batchix Machina from Enchantment Doll is currently featured in a full color editorial in Debut of Dolls collectors issue magazine from Doll Reader, on newstands through April, 2008. We have been flooded with phone calls of support for this brand new Made In USA project. And there is more to come...
    2. Oh that's fabulous news! I was hoping to get a Machina ^^
      Congrats Batchix~

      Could I ask what this IDEX Premiere doll show is and where I can get information on it?
    3. It's the biggest doll trade show of the year, in Orlando Florida. At IDEX Premiere, you get to see all the hottest new dolls of the next year. We're really happy to be taking Machina so all the collectors can see her in person, and maybe even play with her a little! To get more details, go to www.idexshows.com

      The only BJD companies at the show this year will be Dollfair and my friend Goodreau Doll.

    4. Will the other resin colors be in addition to the current ones (blue and white) or will she only be available in certain colors at a time/per casting? We were on the waiting list for a blue one, and were planning to order her about March when our number came up. I just want to make sure she will still be available in blue once we are able to order her. It would be tricky for us if by the time we're prepared to buy, she's only available in red or purple or something (though those colors would be cool on her!).

      So glad to see this beautiful doll getting this kind of nice exposure!
    5. I'll have to check with Batchix, but we might have some "standard colors" which are very popular which we make on a regular basis. And then some more limited colors.
      And then probably some "special effects" Machina dolls. I hope we'll have a color available that you like when you're ready to get her!

      The fun part is, the colors are totally up to the imagination.:fangirl:

      I think that as nice as the photos are, the real Machina is even more impressive! I told Batchix that Machina's legs are so amazing.. not only the curviness of them, but also how she poses and can stand so easily on her heels.


    6. Is there any chance of optional feet in the future? I would love to get one with human looking feet instead of shoe-feet.
    7. Hi Bunnydots!

      Batchix sent out courtesy emails to all her waiting list people, and let them know they would get first shot at reserving one from the pre-order.

      At this time, we are accepting open pre-orders for the dolls which will be completed next month. You can order one anytime via the web site, www.enchantmentdoll.com

      I think you have seen Machina in person, so .. everyone is in for a treat, right?

      Best wishes
    8. I might try to do that when I start work on the next head. :3
    9. Will you ever offer male dolls?
      What about human dolls?
      Or are the female Machina the point of the company?
    10. there will be at least one male doll ;) batchix will be satrting a new girl sculpt soon =)
    11. I think we can look forward to:

      1. another Machina face.. with some interesting options possibly!

      2. some different optional feet

      3. a boy in the future-- If she's Machina, he'd be... Machino? Marachino?
      Hmmmm if you have good ideas for a name for him, please put them in the discussion thread for Batchix.

      Happy Holidays!
    12. Will you be offering dolls by artists other than Batchix? (No offense intended to Batchix; her Machina is lovely!)
    13. Yes, we will. When they are ready!

      And we agree Machina is lovely :fangirl:

    14. Is there a chance you will re release the Zombie Body/Doll? I saw one at the LA Dolpa and fell in LOVE! Hurray for the creepy dolls!!!
    15. I don't know that I'll ever re-release it since I'm not satisfied with it. :{

      For boys, I do plan on them, but I'm sort of taking my time with the Machina boys. Machina means machine in latin. It comes from the phrase "Deus ex Machina" which means God in the Machine. The phrase referred to the mechanisms they used in Greek plays to lower the actors who were portraying gods onto the stage. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deus_ex_machina more information here. :3 So a boy would still be a Machina.

      The boy I just made was more for my own benefit. He doesn't fit in with DOA's guidelines for ball-jointed dolls. You can see more images of him on my deviant art page.

      The Machina boy will fit with the guidelines just like the girl does. He'll be able to wear a wig and such. I hope that answers everyone's questions, but please feel free to contact me with any questions!
    16. bump for news and such love!!