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New CastleAnne Mini Boys

Sep 27, 2010

    1. Come on, nobobdy? These boys are pretty sweet looking!
    2. I like them a lot! They are the most mature boys I've seen lately. Min-Ho and Hwa-Rang especially. Looking forward to owner pictures. Too me they are a real option for my new boy. Though I'd only really need a head.
    3. I just bought a head from them, not the boy though, a lady.
      I love the heads, they are all beautiful.
    4. I asked in the News thread if they had any plans to sell the boy heads seperately and they said that they would (not the limited tan of course). Hm, that really has me thinking.
    5. I think the sculpts are just amazing, I think I have said that about fourteen times now, but I have a total lip obsession. I am currently trying to decide if I have to have a tan one or if the NS is just fine. Hmmpf.
    6. I'd love to have him in tan but that just doesn't fit the character I'd want him to be. Also, I have currently no money and as they don't offer layaway he'll be long gone before I'd be able to afford him.
      So, please go ahead and get the limited tan version! I'd love to be able to look at him every so often. <3
    7. Haha now that is motivation! I do love the tan version, the only reason why I may be able to indulge myself is that my birthday is coming.
    8. When I saw the first picture I liked the sculpt a lot, right away. But I must say that I found (and I don't intend to step on someones toes here) the close ups with the wigs and the face up a little... uninspiring, to put it that way. It shadowed before what I immediately found appealing in the sculpt, but with time I know I will put those thoughts away and let the sculpt speak to me on it's own. I very much like their girls, especially Riz and Roseanne. They are really charming in a unique way. So I guess the boy will grow on me also. :-) I would certainly love to see owner pictures of him when someone receives him.
    9. You are mistaken MadmoiselleLotus, this thread is for CastleAnne dolls, not Planetdoll. Follow the link and check them out!
    10. i'm wondering if anybody has ordered one of these gorgeous boys? I'm very taken and would love to see owner pics. I think they're all super-sweet, but every time I look at them it's Min-Ho that speaks to me most. He has a proper nose (not a teensy little bump in the middle of his face ) and he looks so shy. I just want to take care of him. Min-Ho's not being offered in tan, but then I quite like him pale....
    11. Bumping. I'm loving these guys, but the higher price is making me hesitate settling on one. Please show us yours when you get him!
    12. Ellanie, I wonder if you saw that they are having a promotion, the higher price is for the doll with two additional heads.
    13. Does anyone know what neck size the boys are? I can find measurements on everything except the neck for the junior boys.