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New Cat doll 'Baha' by pipos ( you can order at Sweet Coffee) : Photo added

Mar 23, 2007

    1. [​IMG]

      Dear DOA members:

      I am pleased to announce, I will be Pipos Doll authorized agent for overseas orders, my website is:

      To celebrate this event, I will have (6) Defaults Set , 3 girls and 3 boys available in stock and ready to be shipped. You may contact me at sweetinworld@gmail.com , first come first serve basis.

      Please email me with any questions instead of PM

      Thanks and meow! ^_^
    2. Oh, cool! How much in USD will Baha be?
    3. The prices are listed on their website. 330 for the set 270 for the basic
    4. I sent you two emails but got no reply.
      *** EDIT - got your reply. thanks
    5. will you have budle heads?
    6. and...and...how much is the shipping??
    7. I reply. check it please.
    8. If you live in US or Canada, it's 23 USD.
      Thank you :)
    9. Maybe.
      but not yet now..