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New CH LE Girl

Dec 13, 2004

    1. There is a new LE CH girl named Soye. She's so pretty and I love her outfit. LE to 20 pieces.
    2. I shall preface this comment by saying that tastes are subjective. That having been said, she looks too much like a girl I am acquainted with (and strongly dislike) whose face is like a humanoid mosquito face.
    3. her face reminds me of Sachiko from Mari-mete! (actually in some ways more so than the Volks doll version of her!)
    4. :chibi Pretty.
      Maybe they'll release a regular version, too? After all, it does say "as a celebrating of her release we have prepared Limited version of her." Maybe they'll make a standared release Soye, too?
      *crosses fingers*
    5. I personally thing Soye looks a lot like HappyDoll Marin. :X
    6. I think the same.... maybe is the way of smiling and the way of looking
    7. I think Soye has softer features than Marin, whom I love.
    8. IMO, she looks a whole lot like Sia. Very pretty though. I like the colour of eyelashes they used for her..
    9. LOL

      I don't quite like her face either, but then again, most Customhouse dolls are not to my liking. That said, like with most dolls, you really need to see them face to face in order to make a real judgement call. :)

      I just wanted to say that Mara, I loved what you wrote. hehe