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New Cherishdoll 43cm-ish Boy, Favian, a grownup Chubby!

Jul 24, 2007

    1. The news release on the Cherishdoll site says this:

      "New Hope type Boy doll(Favian) Cherish (2007-07-24 )

      Hope type boy doll will be released on 6st August as a grownup of Chubby.
      His image will be updated on 1st August.
      This limited version will be debuted together with Eileen & Favian.
      Hope your great concern about our newly released dolls!

      * This limited version of Eileen & Favian have been produced
      as a concept of the fighter of game character. "

      So, Favian = grownup Chubby (just as Eileen = grownup Alley). On their messageboard, they also mentioned a grownup Lani is in the works...

      It looks like there will be a third limited Eileen to match the first limited Chubby--not the first time Cherishdoll has released limiteds based on the same theme. I'm unsure of whether they will actually be sold together or just based on the same general theme.

      Cherishdoll's English site: http://www.cherishdoll.us/