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New Cherishdoll Faith Body!

Dec 21, 2007

    1. Oh WOW that's nice. *.* Ahhhh, I want a little Chubby even more now... ;o;
    2. I really like the look of 1 part torsos, but the leg posing and arm posing is appealing, it is a great improvement, the leg joint is cool.
      I wonder if the new limbs are compatible with the old torso? also what they will cost. Maybe Lani can get a new body.
    3. I hope they make a suntan version at some point. But I somehow doubt that as they said that skintone was a one time thing. :( I would love that body for my Chubby.
    4. Aw man, I'd love to get that for my Alley. I'd also like one for my Lani, but she's tan unfortunately.
    5. I have been waiting for a jointed body for ever ...I will be ordering my boys head a new body in the new year
      I just reieved a tan Lani last week ...and I just LOVE the size
      Im sure with these jointed bodies ..they will be even more popular
    6. Do you think if maybe enough people seem interested, they might do a limited run of the new body in suntan? Seems like a long shot though.