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New Chinese Piracy

Mar 10, 2009

    1. Just saw a new Chinese company that openly claimed to offer copied dolls.
      It is called '萌人形'

      According to their forum, they are aiming to lay their hands on the Monthly Dolls by Soom and has already ordered Glot & Glatti


      I will be notifying Soom about this and urge those who may wish to sell thir MDs in the future to be aware of who may be purchasing your doll.
    2. Oh wow.. that's quite brazen of them to openly state their intentions o___O
    3. They have also stated that they will be targeting future MDs produced by Soom.
      I have posted this on their O&A.
      It is infurating
    4. Wow that is monstrous @_@ What is wrong with people? The sad thing is that there are people out there who actually -would- buy these because they want them for cheap and don't care that they are knock offs...
    5. I agree with E.Hadrian.
      I don't even have words for this T__________________T
    6. Well I, for one, would never contemplate buying a Soom MD off any company other than Soom. But I do agree that there's bound to be people out there that will buy from these guys, despite knowing they're knock-offs.
    7. Soom's already providing long layaway period and they still buy these things...:(
      I will never understand why they're doing these.
    8. of course people will, which is sad. guess people should be careful selling to china- which is awful as it taints everyone from china which is not fair. They can't be touched though can they- I am sure companies have tried before- I assume you have notified our mods to get them on the banned list?
    9. Just for my own curiosity, would someone be able to translate their entire post in English?

      It makes me very sad that there are /still/ pirates. Hopefully something can be done before they start selling.
    10. i suspect a large-scale trollage.
    11. That is also true. I wouldn't know though...
    12. we just ran the site through bablefish- hard to understand but they are basically tsaying exactly what the OP said, they are buying them to copy them, they even say HA HA on the home page ( i think!). We are trying to screen cap the page right now
    13. The pity is it just adds to the massive reputation China has gotten as a center of piracy of all kinds, because the government refuses to honor or enforce international standards of law, thereby tainting the majority of hard working, honorable, talented people of China who don't stoop to these levels.
    14. Sorry... I did forget to notify the mods...:sweat
      However, I don't think it would be possible to ban their dolls because they are essentially the copy of the originals and it would be very difficult to identify them:|
      Sadly, if this situation continues, Chinese BJD lovers will be further alienated both by BJD companies and collectors
    15. Akasha, keep in mind that their resin will likely be very poor-quality. While things like weight and grain won't be clean in photos, a cheaper doll is also more likely to have imperfections like bubbles or discoloration. If this company hasn't casted/copied before they might have no clue what they're doing. Plus, I have tremendous faith in the integrity of doll owners and a message like that will spread like wildfire.

      Agreeing with everyone that it's a horrible pity as far as how it reflects on Chinese doll companies. So many of them are doing their own thing successfully... and then idiots like that come around and give them a bad name.
    16. [​IMG]

      if it makes sense at all! This is a translation of one of their pages
    17. Well. That's ballsy of them, isn't it? Like littlepinkfaery said, it's a shame because it gives legitimate Chinese craftspeople a bad name. Any chance that it's just a troll and not pirates actually attempting copies?
    18. As horrible as it is I can't help but to think that "Moe Ningyo" would be an awesome company name... But that aside, it really sucks... :(
    19. That's horrible. :(