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New Clothes and option parts lineup from Volks English page

Oct 6, 2005

    1. They updated their english page with listings for summer fashions as well as fall, and now they have prices for a lot of the standard clothing items to order in english!


      Things from the dress collection seem to be mostly in stock, and the new autumn lineup looks fabulous. It's likely these will be available at the new store in Los Angeles.. how exciting!

      If this has been mentioned elsewhere in the forums, feel free to delete this post ^^

      (edit) I just noticed they have a ton of option parts up in stock as well, for SD, SD13, and MSD.. my goodness.
    2. SUITS!!!!!!! COATS!!!!!!!!!!! SCHOOL UNIFORM!!!!!!!!

      I am more excited than I have the right to be. :oops:
    3. :o They are going to kill my wallet T_T I've wanted a MSD suit so badly....
    4. Oh wow! See, now I'm even more tempted to get an SD boy when I see the cool stuff always coming out. *_*
    5. Only boys' stuff... I don't know wether to be bittely dissapointed or vastly relieved that I won't have to sell my soul for another Volks outfit! :|

      What option parts, BTW? I only see the same ones they always have... :?
    6. :o how cool! and MSD stuff too!

      too bad Volks is way too damn expensive lol :oops:
    7. *sigh* How did Volks know that payday is tomorrow? "Good-bye paycheck!" One of my boys has to have the frock suit and oxfords!
    8. there is a volks spy in your office >.<

      I loved the clothed.... so pretty!
    9. :o Forget the clothes, look at that adorable Schulze modelling the SDC suit! *_*
    10. :lol: There must be! Maybe I should just have part of my pay automatically transferred to Volks. :roll:
    11. Does anyone indeed find new option parts? I certainly can't...! :oops: *_*
    12. I don't see any. The site does refer to the categories as SD Optional Parts : Dress.

      Perhaps that's why it's worded such?
    13. ahahhaa! I love the little vampire-like suit! The boy is tossing back the cape like, "BLAH! I vant to suck your bluuud~" XD so cute!
    14. XD We killed it! Just clicked the link to show the school uniform to my mom and got We Are Very Sorry... 404 error type message.
    15. Back when the page worked, there was a key. SDB is Super Dollfie Cute Boy.
      That,or it's just Sd boy. I don't think it makes any difference though. Sd boys and girls can share clothes..
    16. @_@ Oh no!!! Now what am I going to do??

      School uniform or morning suit? Augh!

    17. I'm wondering when they're going to actually be available, since it's Saturday already in Japan.

      Oh, and it's the morning suit for me, definitely!
    18. I'm wondering as well ;_; I really really want the school uniform..
    19. I want it toooo. But so totally can't afford it. T_T