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[NEW company jaime-doll] Release Basic dolls on 2nd November 19:00(kst)

Nov 1, 2007

    1. Hello, this is Jaime
      We will release our Basic dolls in Adonis(18cm) and Rosebay(27cm) this 2nd of November on 19:00(kst).
      And you can also meet with our body and head parts at the sameday.

      Adonis line

      Basic Vito
      Tanned skin/normal skin

      Basic Cristin (boy version)

      Basic Joan

      Basic Cristin (girl version)

      Rosebay line

      Basic Celina

      Basic cloe

      We are expecting your heartful and constructive opinions.
      Thank you.
    2. hello, this jaime
      basic doll event
      We will send you cute Baby gown together, if you purchase
      Basic ver. doll with full options(wig, outfits, shoes).
      *Make-up is irrelevant.
      (wether you order make-up or not, we'll send you gown.)

    3. Just to inform you that your http://www.jaime-doll.us website doesn't seem to work often. It usually shows this message:

      The following error was encountered:

      Unable to determine IP address from host name for www.jaime-doll.us

      The dnsserver returned:

      No Address records

      This means that:

      The cache was not able to resolve the hostname presented in the URL.
      Check if the address is correct.

      The Korean and Japanese ones work, just not the English one.
    4. They're all so adorable! I hope I can get a Cloe for Christmas or my birthday! Are you going to release any boys in the Rosebay line? Also, I'm curious about the difference between Milky Skin and Normal Skin. Any chance of seeing pictures?

    5. hello, nadiaff. thank you for your interest in Jaime dolls.
      for now, we're not releasing any boys in Rosebay line.
      but maybe about December, the boy body of Rosebay is going to be released.
      All the photos on the upside are Normal skin except Vito. Milky skin is a little more white.
    6. :) hello, this is Jaime.
      new wigs are released along with the sale of basic dolls.
      cute and adorable new wigs are on sale, now.
      we hope we'll have your patronage with it. thank you.