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New Company - JollyPlus.com

Apr 21, 2006

    1. cannot change the title so open a new post... :blush:


      We are a new company in BJD development :) Everything is on a beginning stage and i hope you all will like our website and products. Although i have start my sculpture on 2005, products finally can launch on 2006 (~.~)

      Let me share some photos here please :blush

      He is Gise, Nice to meet you all (^^;;

      He is Arbor

      She is Daisy

      And she is Jise

      Everything in Jollyplus are still under develop, i will update more info of us to website soon :) If you want have any comments, please feel free to send me a email by JP@JollyPlus.com
    2. Gise is so pretty! The pics and the JollyPlus is taking a long time to load, though 0_o.
    3. So glad you came to share with us!
      Any idea when the "parts" will be avaliable? I'm interested in their measurments as well. Eye size, wig size, height, etc.
    4. welcome :)
      those are very beautiful dolls :)
      Any idea on when there will be photos up of the bodies?
    5. can you put the link? thanx, they are so pretty.
    6. ooo does any1 know how tall they are !? i couldnt find measurments on the site ... @__@
    7. Those four dolls are all 60 cm.
    8. Reposting my informational question,

      Jollyplus, will there be more photos of the posing ability of the boy bodies?

    9. They look quite nice. I see you will be offering parts eventually and was wondering if a boy's head would fit on a girl's body and the other way around or are the necks different sizes so that that won't work?
    10. Moved a couple more chatty posts to the discussion thread in Larger Dolls. Please try to keep this thread for questions only, guys! :daisy
    11. OH Thank You for your reminder ~ :blush I will put the measurment table on to the website soon.

      For the Parts section, it should be ready within a few days (^^
    12. Thank You :) I am so happy that you love our JollyPlus' Boy and Girl :)
      We will upload more photos about the body for "Parts" Section soon :)
    13. i am in love with gise, and i was wondering are they standard dolls? and if you order the face up, is it the one in the picture or different?
    14. I was wondering if you happen to sell the clothes shown on the dolls on the site now or in the near future.
    15. I saw that there were sections for 43cm dolls. When will they become available?
    16. Thank You for loving JollyPlus' Boys & Girl, some naked photos are included in our website :) I will add some more pose 's photos later. :)
    17. Yes, 43cm BJD will come after launching 60 cm dolls. (^^;; I will try my best to speed up everything :)
    18. Clothes will come soon :)