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New Company Open Event Coming soon

Oct 9, 2010

    1. What is the company's name? A link to their webpage?
    2. Cool design!
      I'm interested to know as well o_O
      What is the name and is there any link to the page?
    3. withdoll.com

      A website is in preparation. open next week.
      Thanks for your interest! :-D
    4. What size is he?
    5. He is 45cm tall. :-)
    6. Is he going to be available as a fullset?
    7. Interesting...what country?
    8. Still undecided. Please wait! :-)
    9. Republic of Korea! Of course, 'South' Korea. :-P
    10. Is he gonna be limited?
    11. What skintone is he? gray?
    12. What?? Really? Yay!

      Anyway, information on the price of him basic and blank?
    13. He has gray skin. And we are prepairing white, nomal and brown skin.
    14. Skintone samples are now up on the website, but still no word on release date, the event or the price.
    15. Any word on what the opening event will be? Can't find any info on site

    16. Just found this on the site. Still no word on the event but at least we've been given a date - October 20th :)
    17. Does anyone know if they're answering in Q&A? Ive asked something on 15th and still no reply - despite them uploading pics during weekend

    18. Dear Bexii

      Q&A 13.QUESTIONS
      questions [1] <-- click here.
      2010/10/16 [00:29] reply

      Thanks for your kind interst about our doll.
    19. They've posted information about the event and a delay in their opening date: