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New Company: PrettyWork

Feb 20, 2007

    1. I was looking at the japanese website. There's a small image showing the inside of the head. It looks like some kind of device holding the eyes in place. Also it look different to the usual bjd's head.
      I can't read japanese so anyone like to translate?

      Here's the link:
    2. I am not sure, and I can't read Japanese, but that looks like an eyemechanism, like Pullips (30cm dolls from Jun Planning) have. I think it's supposed to move her eyes in different directions (left and right). Correct me if I'm wrong. =)
    3. Is she resin? She looks like some other kind of plastic.
    4. Actually, the Japanese page says that the eye mechanism is to make it easier to exchange and set eyes (i.e. you don't have to use eye putty, you use the mechanism).

      The text is very difficult to read, as it's not in a normal Japanese font. But it sounds like there's some sort of internal framework used. It also mentions flexible wires being used to support the existing tension system, so it's not clear whether this "framework" is just wiring, or is an actual internal structure like the Dollfie Dream 2/Obitsu bodies.

      They do, however, mention that it's a resin item.
    5. The eye system is almost the same as the eye system obitsu has..
      im starting to think she is a vinyl doll too.
      and in one of the photos at least her legs seem to be done with elastics.
    6. It`s mentionned on the site that it`s resin... can you do a translation so we can be sure?
    7. Okay, here is the translation (actually, it's more of a summary, but here goes):

      Better Eye-changing System
      A new system is being used that supposedly makes it easier to take out and put in eyes, doesn't mention anything about changing eye positions.

      Beginners are able to String the Doll Easily
      A new system for stringing the doll has been implemented, making the process of putting a doll together (re-stringing) easier. It also says that you will need less strength to put the doll together, which makes it easier for children and women to put the doll together by themselves.

      Improved Joint-system to allow for Greater Movement
      The new joint system allows for you to make and keep beautiful poses, and to express feminine beauty (or...something like that. Basically just talking about poses)

      Elegant Body Line
      Because of how the joints are put together the body has a beautiful feminine line. Then they say something like, "You are able to have a pink romantic fantasy" but I have no idea what that means :sweat It also says that the body is suited to many styles of clothing.

      -> There are no Seam Lines so Esthetics are not Necessary
      It goes on to talk about why parting/seam lines occur and how they've developed a way so there are no seam lines whatsoever.

      -> Natural Poses
      There is a bone-system in the body of the doll (basically just thin, flexible wire) that allows the dolls to keep their poses. Goes on to talk about the wonders of wiring your doll and how you can make minute changes to how they hold their poses because of it.

      Beautiful Skin Colour
      They worked hard to develop the colour of their resin through testing.

      Beautiful Skin
      This is probably what you were all looking for. They say that their RESIN DOLLS are cast in a high-caliber, dust-free environment creating beautiful translucent skin.

      And, that is all. :sweat
    8. Luts is selling Pretty Work now.
    9. Well now they have their own translation up on the website,

      But it still doesn't really explain what the 'framework' is, it says it assists in the by-tension structure though.