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New couple of Angell-studio The Knight and Miss Terezie

Nov 18, 2010

    1. Hello,all.^^
      We release two dolls recently~^^
      And their name is Tristan and Terezie.
      Back in the middle ages, some where in European.
      There was a masquerade hold by the royalty. The Knight who’s named Taristan came across a beautiful Aristocratic Miss.
      He resolved to brace up and asked her for a dance.
      With the blurred light and music,at the very the moment when Taristan taking her by the hand, it is the first time that idea come upon to his heart,the girl is the only one who he wants to live with her for his all life.
      The girl,who’s named Terezie
      But will they be together as we wish?
      Let us see….
      Purchase exchange Promotion details~
      Welcome to visit our website for more news~