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New CP boy elf comming soon?

Mar 31, 2005

    1. Someone asked a question about having another male elf on the question and answer board and this was in Doogi's reply:

      luts have the paln of new boy type elf doll.

      maybe~ the new doll will be registed at april~may.

      Could it be a Chiwoo elf? Or maybe a new lovely boy? Or maybe a non-limited version of Elf El or Elf Shiwooo. I know there were rumors of that possibly happening. I hope he isn't limited, because I probably won't have the money to buy him in April or May. It would be nice to have a non-limited elf boy.
    2. I'm with you there. :| All of the girls have standard versions, but none of the boys do. :cow
    3. Frankly, I'd be happy with either the Chiwoo elf OR the new boy as an elf. ^^ Luts needs more boys.
    4. Here. ^^

    5. vallen is love :daisy
    6. I really hope they do the new boy as an elf. He's so pretty :love
    7. **stares** Oh my. I hope he becomes available as a standard. **drools**
    8. He doesn't strike me too much as the elf-type, but maybe with a different faceup and a different wig. ^^;; In my opinion, the wig he's wearing in that picture doesn't flatter him too much. I hope they release him as a standard first, since that seems to be the trend.

      Oh, and you're welcome for the picture. :daisy
    9. from the look of the current ears. i think he will come out as a standard new boy first.
    10. I think he's very pretty, but still a bit too fenimine. Plus he looks like a mix between Lishe and El. U_U; I wish Luts would come out with a doll that looks more like a boy >.>; Shiwoo is about as manly as you can get with Luts.
    11. if its a Chiwoo elf... I hope I can get him!!!! I should have all my money saved up by then if not sooner. I've been trying to spend the extra I got at christmas time on doll accessories but I can't really find anything around I really like and don't have... so it goes to my Chiwoo fund!
    12. That above post was me being too excited and a spaz!

      If there releasing an 'elf' particularly.. it probably won't be the new guy will it? Have they ever released an elf model before the original model?
    13. Not that I'm aware of.

      And if you look at the picture of the new boy, he definitely has human ears, not elf ears.

      Just my observation. Could be totally wrong in the end. ;oD

      Loki's Mom
    14. I posted an email I got from Doogi ("Good News for CP lovers" or something) and after the new Kid Delfs and Delf were released I thought I'd go bug him again. I asked originally about a Kid Delf optional head, but he didn't really say anything. So, I asked again... ^^

      hi~lovely lisa~

      how are you doing?

      good to see you again~! (^^:)

      luts have the plan of new style elf head of delf and kid delf.

      but the release date isn't decided.

      after the date be decided,

      i will regist the items on web site, at once~ (^^:)

      if you have any question, send mail to me.

      have a nice & happy day~!


      from : your friend....doogi

      So, there you go - Delf AND Kid Delf elfs to be released *at some point* ^^ (Haha, notice how he said good to see you again'? Think we're emailing him too much? LOL)

      But yay, good news! :D :D I'm guessing the Delf elf has to be Chiwoo, it'd make sense... I think the Kid Delf may be Nara, she's very popular. Then again, do they bring out an optional head to make the least popular *more* popular? Ack, too many speculations! I hope they don't take too long on deciding a release date! :?