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New CP hands at eLuts! UPDATED!

Jul 31, 2005

    1. Attention, o fans of CP's gracefully sculpted hands! :D There are several newly-listed pairs of hands for both male & female Delfs.

      HANDS-5 are Soo's hands, available in normal & white skin

      HANDS-6 are Shiwoo's hands, available in normal & white skin

      HANDS-7 are El's hands, but only the normal skin version is listed

      They're all under "Optional Parts", of course:

      EDITED TO ADD that they're all out of stock right now. But there are even more choices (woo-hoo!):

      HANDS-8 are Dark Elf Soo's

      HANDS-9 are Angel Elf Soo's

      HANDS-10 are Lishe's
    2. OMG I saw those last night but hadn't been to the site in weeks so I didn't know they were new! :o YAY!! It's about time too, I *ADORE* Soo's default hands ^_^
    3. Now if only they were in stock :oops:

      Is this a matter of having sold out lickety-split, or have they yet to stock them?
    4. They weren't in stock when I found them, so I'm guessing they'll be added during the usual first-week-of-the-month restocking binge. Or "in 2 weeks", as they say so often on the Luts Q&A board.
    5. Grabby hands 8D Way cool! Yai... *considers on buying some*
    6. w00t! I love CP hands :D ::schemes to have 4 sets of hands for one body:: XD;;
    7. I need those El hands *-*