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New CP website, and information about Tanning El & Breakaway El

Dec 3, 2005

    1. Hi everyone, I've been sorta busy I didn't have time to check my email! Sorry about the late replies. I've decided to post this info at DOA as well as emailing, hoping this would answer many questions.

      CP and I now have a new website, http://fairyland.it.to
      Some parts are still under construction, but it is almost done.

      I have spoken to CP about their new skin tone, and I have some bits clarified, but CP wanted to write a proper letter/posting and it could take a few days. If anyone wants to talk to me about their skin tone, new resin etc please email me instead.

      Ok, next thing. I've been flooded with emails about Tanning El and Breakaway El.
      I can take up to 10 orders EACH for both Tanning El and Breakaway El, and I'm taking the orders now. So, first in best dressed!
      Shipping for December is done on 17th.

      And... a bit about Tanning Delfs. Althought Tanning Delfs are NOT limited edition, there is a limited quantity in which CP can produce each month. eLuts only gets certain number of orders like me. This month they are producing Tanning El, next month another type of Delf and they do a relay of a whole different type of normal Delfs.
      But Breakaway El is limited edition (200 only worldwide).

      : Liria :