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Update New custom doll(commercial) service

Nov 20, 2009

    1. Dear Customers,

      We are expanding our custom doll minimee service as follows.

      Head sculpt Price : 1,000$ per sculpt (includes 1 casted sample)
      Similarity : more than 90%
      Head size : custom(any size is possible)
      Original sculpt is given for your commercial use.

      You must have liceneses if you want to make celebrity.
      But your designed drawings or photos are fine.

      Parts sculpting(Hands, accessories) : 250$
      Minimum quantity : 10pcs
      Casting : 20$ per (bigger one can be costed more)

      Parts sculpting inclduing original sculpts for commercial use : 600$
      Original sculpt is given for your commercial use.
      1 sample included.

      [Custom Minimee sized head]

      Specific head sized(about) minimee order : 450$(2pcs included)
      ==>the cost is same regardless of its size

      [Mold Casting service]

      Minimum : 20pcs
      30$ per head
      EMS is not included

      Under 20pcs order : Mold cost of 100$ will be added.

      [Couple Doll figurine]

      This is for wedding gift, anniversary, celebration etc on
      Period of making : 40days(if no modification is necessary)
      Two people on a base.(1 set)
      Figurine size : about 13cm~14cm
      Including : Painting & base

      Price : 400$
      Extra figurine set : 100$

      If you are interested in doing this Business in shops, you are welcomed to contact me at nescot@paran.com

      Thank you very much.

      Denny / DIM DOLL