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New Customhouse AI Doll: Fennel

Jun 15, 2005

    1. I saw him today too! Such a handsome boy :D
    2. Hm; I can't say I'm a fan, but that is a gorgeous color wig!
    3. Oh, he's cute...and he's Rosemary's brother! He reminds me a bit of Madoka and Heath. Also, it might be the wig...but he looks rather like an angsty Gene. I want him!
    4. He's handsome, though I'm not a big fan of his faceup. Love the wig though!
    5. Aw! I've got a stuffed rabbit named "Fennel"! ^_^

      I think I'd like CH's Fennel w/ a different faceup... the one shown is doing absolutely nothing for me.
    6. She's got a beautiful eye shape, but looks so sad and unhappy and the lips are painted oddly...
      Not my cup of tea, though I love the wig style and colour...
    7. "You are my precious little sister"

      That is too funny, the way it's all serious looking, heh.

      He's interesting, I like the wig, I can't see his face well under it and the face up though.
    8. All their herb-themed names are so cuuute. :3 Is it just me or does he have a rather unusually shaped mouth for a CH boy? That's fun.
    9. .... ooh, god. With a different faceup, he would make the most -gorgeous- Malice Mizer Kozi. <3 <3 <3
    10. Zoi~ Agreed!
      Something about him makes me liek him and want him, I want another doll anyway.. hmmm, how fast do CH dolls usually sell out?
    11. Ooh, I like him. Wish I could get some better pictures of his sculpt though.. he looks like a grumpy Jin! :D So tempting... need money >.<
    12. I find the "you are my precious little sister" picture ever so slightly creepy. He looks so grumpy... that it seems somewhat ridiculous or disturbing. Like... that dude out of Fake volume (what was it?) 3 or so, who killed his little sister for wearing makeup and nailpolish that he thought made her look slutty.... *rambles off*

      sorry, so so OT
    13. That made me crack up! XD
    14. "You are my precious little sister

      ... and I've got a shotgun out the back for any boy that so much as looks at you. Gr, argh."

      XD He looks so grumpy and er, a little bit creepy. I think it's got a lot to do with the face up though. He does look quite a bit more mature though, which is nice. ^_^
    15. Wow, what a pout.
    16. Anyone else find it amusing that he has a "pet hill mynah," or was that only something I noticed?

      Luke Alan: I want a pet hill...

    17. A "Hill Mynah" is a kind of bird... he doesn't have a pet hill named Mynah. ;D

      I was looking for his pet in the pictures, but I guess he doesn't actually come with one, alas...
    18. I think with the right wig and face up, he'd be very handsome. Look at that jaw line, It's difficult to get a jaw like that in a boy doll, and have them still have some meat on thier bones.....I like all boy dolls, but a few of them look a little skinny to me.
      I second the question of how quickly does CH sell out of their dolls??
    19. fennel is an event doll, in the same category as rosemary, chamomile and that other herb named dolls. thier prices are a bit lower in conjunction with the event(which i'm guessing is still doll master..?), and they will go up at some point in the future, but the dolls are more or less unlimited at the moment. There's no garantee what will happen though in like 6 months, but you should still be able to get them..