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New Customhouse Event Ai Catgirl "Shaman Varim"

Sep 2, 2005

    1. I didn't see a post for her in the last few pages, so I hope this isn't a repeat:


      She's got cat-ears! With those big round eyes, she reminds me of Volks' Shinshiya and Misia, only I think this girl is cuter. :wink: And naturally she reminds me of Nasia, being a cat-girl and all. I wonder how her ears attach, if they're similar to Nasia's...
    2. she's....interesting. i dont know if she's my style but she's really unique and catlike (which she is supposed to look like) i like how they have two different colored eyes in her.
    3. They are similar to Nasia's. You can tell from the photos.

    4. I think I like Volk's fairy doll better. :oops: But only because Sinsia has been my "dream doll" for a while now.

      This new cat girl is very cute. I'm just not in to the cat ears. Heh. still very cool! Thank you for sharing!
    5. Oh, I saw her awhile ago, and I find her just beautiful. I like her much better than the Volks' faeries. Oh, to have $700.
    6. It's Shinsiya and Calvin's love child! :o
    7. They look like they're tied on o.o; ( You cna kindof see a black ribbon going under her chin)

      I like her, more than the Volk's Misia and Shinsia, but then, I might be biased :B
    8. The ribbon's for her hat. =^^=;;
    9. X_x Should have seen that. It jus tlooked like it, since it lies flatter than the other cat-ear's I've seen.

      Detail is everything @__@
    10. ooo cute! I wish I had money so burn..I'd get her just because she a cat-girl, becaus you know I need another cat person doll for sure. :oops:
    11. she looks a lot like CH nan, with the exception of the ears.
    12. omg its my kitty as a doll O______________O

    13. Hahahahaha! What an uncanny resemblance! :lol:
    14. OMG! She is SO CUTEEE!
      Lucky me I don't want a cat doll now..... ^^
    15. Derilaan > can I have your kitty, please? We can trade: you can have my little sister, and I'll take your adorable cat~
    16. Derilaan, you should totally get that doll!! :D
    17. No no no no trust me it will be like the Ransom of Red Chief. Few days later you'll want to give her back with presents XD She is VERY opinionated. (but I love her more than anything heehee)

      :D She is cute but I don't have the budget for a larger doll right now. Not to mention maybe Miss Gidget (cat) see her and get jealous....I'd find her buried in the kitty box XD I think I have enough of odd eyed drama princesses right now :D