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New Customhouse Event AIs

Feb 5, 2005

    1. There are two new AIs : Rosemary and Nyll. They are $500 each and do not come with clothing (hence the lower price).

      Rosemary looks kinda interesting, but Nyll is kinda boring.

    2. The paint on Nyll's lips is SO distracting, but I think his face is cute. ^^
    3. woo..I'm liking Nyll, thanks for the link!
    4. Am I the only one who ABHORES the way CH paints their lips? ^^;;;

      The dolls themselves are really pretty. ^^
    5. :::sighs relief:::

      I've been wanting to say that for *so* long, but I was a little afraid to! Yes, I do not at ALL like the way CH paints their dolls' lips. To me their mouths looks like just a blob or a smudge, and somewhat sloppy, but I like well defined lips, so that's just my personal preference. Glad I'm at least not alone!

    6. they are also often VERY pale. CH does absolutely killer eyebrows though... I have never seen a bjd from the company, with more detailed eyebrows than Sabrina has.
    7. Nope, you're not the only one. ^^;
    8. *v. glad she isn't in love*
      Rosemary looks like she's been doing some serious kissing. (I wonder who's got the rest of her lipstick?) :oops:
    9. And sorry if it offends anyone who really likes him, but to me Nyll looks like he took one too many sleeping pills.

    10. I thought Heavy bomb does all the painting for them?

      Never liked any of the faceups either! one of the reason why custom house never tempts me.

    11. Aww~! There like a psycho/crazy/cute/dysfunctional couple!
    12. I kinda like these new heads, but not enough to want to buy them or anything...they do look like they have potential, though. Who knows...once someone repaints them, I bet they'll look gorgeous.
    13. This is so funny, because I really, really love her lips! I'm very tempted, I must say. She'd fit in very well with my girls...
    14. I really really like Nyll, actually. He has potential. He reminds me of an F29 head, a little.
    15. Oh I really like Rosemary she has great potential! Like her long face she might make a very cute boy...I admit first time I have been tempted in a while ( relatively speaking 2 weeks)
      Anyone ordering ????
    16. Well THIS is interesting - was just looking at Rosemary again (I can't figure out what she looks like, I'm distracted by her faceup) and it says "the face up can be different"...

      what does that mean?? Usually CH doesn't let you request anything in particular. I wonder if they just meant that the faceup really might not look like what's pictured. hm.
    17. Ohh, I like them a lot. Rosemary reminds me of a large version of Sharmin, and Nyll would be stunning with a lip repaint. Why are they so much cheaper than the standard AI, though? The standards don't come with clothes either, as far as I can tell...
    18. Yes you are right...a larger Sharmin.... agree about the lips
    19. I love Custom House lips. Horray!

      I think Rosemary is cute.. but I think I like Miya better still.