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NEW Cuty Delf "Cori"

Jan 6, 2005

    1. The second Cuty Delf Seiries, Cori!
      The name "Cori" is came from "Corea".

      There are 2 versions;

      80 Limited Edition, Cori ($270)
      Includes : Cori, a sleeping head, extra hands, 14mm glass eyes, shoes(Netherlands)

      Regular version, Cori ($240)
      Includes : Cori, 14mm glass eyes





      Made by F.E.D.F.
      F.E.D.F(Far East Doll(Dream) Factory) / Fairyland is new name of CP's BJD part.

      One Touch System(11 System) and EE System(Easy Ejecting System, 22 System)
      will help you to separate the head from the body easily.
      (You don't need to restring when you remove the head. You only have to slide the headtop and rotate the attachment. Two systems are really convenient!)
    2. he is a cutie! I like him better than the other one... the first...
    3. I Love Him!
      ad I too prefere him to the first one :grin:
    4. :D I just saw him on the Luts Korean site and checked to see if anyone had posted it yet- and sure enough! He's so cute! I like him better than Mary- he looks so sweet!

      Ack!! There's too many pretty new dolls coming out and not enough $$$ in my bank account! :crushed
    5. What a cutie! If I had funds to spare, I'd definatly buy the LE version, but alas. :|
    6. What a face. Oh, I really want to grab his hand >__< So cute.
    7. Oh he's so cute! That adorable little face, and that outfit! Don't you just want to hug him? And only $30 more for the limited version? That seems like a really good deal. If I had the money, I'd definitely go for it, but alas, I have no funds to spare right now.
    8. With those big innocent eyes, curly hair, and his hand out like that, he reminds me of Oliver.

      "Please, sir, can I have some more?" :chibi
    9. He's adorable, I still think Custom House has the most adorable tiny boy dolls but this little guy is super cute.
    10. Oh, he's sweet! I think I'd like him as a girl actually :daisy
    11. ;.; o-oh... Daveigh isn't here yet, and allready I've planned for her to have an older El sister...

      ;.; and she may just have to have a little Cori sister... because I am having a love afair with CP, and babies are inevitable...
    12. He is cute! I like him better than Mary and this outfit is too cute!

    13. for some reason, i think he looks better than mary >< so cute *squishy*
    14. :o he's dead cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a lot better than his *sister*!
      meliantha wants a little brother now! :o
    15. so cute!
    16. I love him~ I'd love to get one some day~
    17. Cute! I still think Mary is cuter, but that's just me. :3

      Also, no offense to CP, but.... wow. Seeing pictures of the body, these Cutie Delfs look EXACTLY like Petite Ais. Being a Petite Ai fanatic, I can't help but notice it. I'm not accusing CP of copying or anything, but... They do look horribly similar.