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New DD Optional Parts...coming!!!

Dec 1, 2005

    1. These parts aren't limited, are they? Are they just for the Dolpha?
    2. I'm debating whether or not the B-01s are smaller. Maybe by just a tiny bit?

    3. I'm almost sure they'll become part of the standard line.
    4. I wonder if Dream of Doll skintone would match the white one, since it's too light for the normal color. I would love to put a shall head on a DD large busted white body o.o
    5. Oh, man, I see they have thighs, which seem to be a pretty random part to release.
      I hope this means they're getting back into build-your-own, instead of just FCS.
    6. I really want to see if DD white matches or is close to DoT resin, since DoT is known to be very very pale (the normal skin). If so, I'm definately considering a Shall head on a DDwhite with the larger bust.
    7. Not to distract from the boob talk, but has anyone noticed the hands being released look identical to the normal ones? I understand the need to buy extra pairs as they stain so easily, but does that mean the torso and thighs are also identical?
    8. i reread this - and i might have missed it - but will the beauty white dollfie dream bodies/parts be limited? because i would love to have one, but there's no way i'd have the money for several months.

    9. So, if the optional bust is made for the DD2 body would it also work for the original? I've never really examined the new, though it seems to just be a hollow part... same for the hips. (The thighs look to definitely be for the DD2 body, judging by the lack of string slots.)

      Anyone w/ both know?
    10. does anybody know if these will be available at the volks store in LA... or when they'll be available online? am curious about the DD bw body!!
    11. I was at the LA Volks store on Xmas day --- no DDs at the store --- not even reg. but the did have the CCHs....
    12. I hope we'll be able to buy the option parts soon(if at all?).
      I've been wanting a DD1 because I love the body shape, but I'm afraid to get a DD2 because I don't know how regular heads would fit on the skeleton system.
      I would love to build my own with these new option pieces.
    13. Since they are in the "Preceding Sale Items" I think it means that while they are limited now, they will soon be able to be freely purchased. So no worries!! :)

      And in the page displaying the new optional parts, isn't there a smaller breast option there? I like the bigger bosoms myself, since the character I eventually want to create is rather endowed. :daisy
    14. Do you think that they've already sold out? Today was the first day they started selling them no? Gosh, I hope not. I plan to get one in a month or two. *_* LOOK AT THAT WHITE!
    15. I'm ready to order this beauty in two weeks. Does anyone know where to order it from because when I go to the optional page, it says Sales method: Reservation. I hope they still have these x_X
    16. It's up in the DD part of the site: