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New default makeup- N-Doll International + Sales Open for 43cm Dolls, Wigs, Clothing

May 11, 2006

    1. New Default makeup shots:

      News from N-Dolls International and N-Doll Korea:
      * ordering will start today from the new international site in English. The artist is so cute, Jung Yoon has been up all night in Korea sending me stuff and she even just linked her web site to us :D go to www.n-doll.com and click "English" or else go to www.n-dolls.com direct.
      * she is also selling the wigs and clothing she makes for her dolls. Please, I am only accepting sales from buyers of her dolls. They are cute, cute, cute, but she only makes small quantities and I want these to be in stock for people who are buying her dolls (which are also SO gorgeous.. take a look!)
      * prices: $450 blank doll, $480 doll painted by the artist. Shipping cost will be cheap as usual, USPS Priority. I pay the high EMS cost from Korea for you. Worldwide shipping by EMS only.

      New pictures! And more are coming next week...after the doll show in Seoul on May 21!
      Hi everyone,
      We are pleased to announce that N-Doll of Korea has entered into a partnership with our company which will allow the first-ever international sales of N-Dolls. Park Jung Yoon is a graduate of Bimong Academy (ball jointed doll school in Seoul) and has been selling her dolls domestically for the past year. She was ready to begin to sell them internationally, and so Narin Creative's president introduced us for this partnership.

      N-Dolls are 43cm sized girls, Miso and Miru.


      They are made of high quality pinky white French Resin.
      If they look perfect-perfect, it's because Narin Creative helps her cast them. Aren't they beautiful?


      They come with either a small or large breast part. Or you can order an extra breast part for an added charge.

      Wow, look at that lovely French resin!

      Let me tell you about the girls. They have a lot of personality....

      Here is Miso -- she has a little bit of an impish smile :D

      And here is Miru- she's the pouty one you want to tickle :X


      Sales will be held monthly, in limited quantities. Cost will vary from month to month, according to the exchange rate at that time. When the web site is open for ordering, we will make an announcement. (you knew that! :D)

      We have confirmed the dolls come with the default paint you see in the photos, done by the artist.

      Sales will be via a new international web site in English. We can also do ordering in French.

      Miso and Miru wear 6 inch wigs, and we believe they will fit Bliss clothing.
      They have magnetized front head parts, like Narae and ForYou.
      They will arrive together for the first time next week, and we will have more photos of them.

      Thanks much for your interest. We truly enjoy working with Korean artists and it is because of your past support that we are able to offer you new dolls.

      The Miso and Miru Mini Discussion thread has started:

      see you there!

    2. Is it possible to order the outfits they are wearing? SO cute.
    3. Thanks for your question, Lore. There were others interested in them as well. Park Jung Yoon has agreed to make a limited quantity of the wigs and outfits each month for international sales. She makes them all by hand : - )

      We are planning to open up sales by June first.
    4. Dolly, does Miso have teeth? I don't know why but I just love teeth!
    5. Know what? I'm not sure! I have EMS numbers now for one Miso and one Miru, the first ever to be sent out of Korea (Yay!) and I will be going over them with a fine tooth comb in a few days. So when they arrive, I'll have all kinds of new info on them. A review, posing info, looking in the head, all that good stuff.. the more I see of them, the better I like them (sorry to say...).

      From Cecilia: Why, Catrina, Why? I was just thinking the other day that it's a good thing that no one is making the process of ordering these lovelies easier for me because then I would be more prone to getting one...and you just had to go and do it! *counts pennies*

      Well, if it's any consolation, the amount to be sold each month will be *very limited* because it's a one-person doll studio. :D So if you "forget" what day sales open, they might all be gone! Then you'd be safe for another month. I hear you about buying dolls. I'm the worst of all (see my nick).
    6. OK, a bump for Jung Yoon for staying up all night and getting me her default paint looks for you. :D She's such an enthusiastic and cute person. We hope you enjoy her dolls.
    7. I've placed my order for Miso Catrina, thanks for offering these cuties! BTW, when are they going to offer the good girl/bad girl outfits? I didn't see those in the clothing section. Oh, and can you check my order to make sure my billing address was entered correctly? I don't want anything messing up my order! Thanks again!:)
    8. Thanks Karma, I did see your order. Thanks, I know you have been waiting for me to finish the site all day.

      At this time, she didn't send me the good girl/bad girl outfits for sale. I know she made those for a doll show. I can ask her if those will go for sale anytime soon. If you have one of her dolls, you could get clothing from us in the future with no problem.
    9. [​IMG]
      N-Dolls International is located at http://www.n-dolls.com

      Hi everyone,
      Just when you thought it was safe to come to DOA...

      N-Doll has just released new optional high heel feet for her Mini Dolls Miru
      and Miso. But she didn't stop there..
      she has also made three pairs of sky high custom
      high heeled shoes to go with her new sexy feet.

      Fits 41cm Miru and Miso, two mini-sized (like Narae) french resin BJD


      Are you a shoe lover?
      High heeled shoes for minis are soooo hard to get.
      And when you get them, your doll usually cannot
      stand in them because of the angle of the joints.
      N-Dolls will stand great in their heels because these new feet
      are just the right angle to match their custom shoes...




      If you are a shoe freak like me, please don't look at this next picture...


      Did you peek? Uh oh. Told you.
      I'm getting a pair of those for my girls...

      And now, if that wasn't enough....
      N-Doll announces some new clothing
      she has made just for her dolls.

      Good Girls and Bad Girls are now available for ordering
      to her doll buyers only.
      She can't make large quantities of these shoes and clothing,
      because she does it all herself for you.
      So we must limit to only doll buyers,
      to keep from overwhelming her time.

      Here is Bad Girls on Miso.
      A complete outfit including choker, top, skirt, and stockings

      And now here is Good Girls on Miru,
      including choker, top, skirt with jewelry, and stockings.

      Summer softies are now available in all these lovely colors:

      Here is Miru in a white softie set:

      OK, I better go now (ducks for cover)
      Don't forget, July ordering goes from July 5-12 at midnight.
      Take a look: www.n-dolls.com

      Discussion thread for N-Dolls in MINI section:

    10. Catrina are you still selling the softie sets?