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New Delf Art, Anarchy In Heaven DES

Oct 28, 2005

    1. Sorry if this's already been posted, I ran a search and nothing came up. o_o;

      The new Delf Art.
    2. i can't wait to see when they put up more pictures. she's gorgeous. i love the eyes she is wearing too.
    3. Oh wow. I need to see more, definitelly. This is the first Art DES that they have released. (Why is Luts tempting me so? XD)
    4. VERY cool!!
    5. Nice! Love the lips!
    6. I'm still new to all this, but I seriously NEED to have this doll! It says she is either out of stock, or the price isn't entered yet. Her price says $0, does that mean I still have a chance at buying her once the price is listed?
    7. Delf Arts are usually REALLY limited, like, 5-in-the-world limited. I'm pretty sure she hasn't gone on sale yet, as they usually add more pictures and information, such as the date she'll go on sale, what's included, how many are going to be sold, the price, etc.
    8. Eep! Why must they do the "tempt everyone with only one headshot" pic deal??
      Anyway, what's it supposed to say on the picture? "Idolo the stage?" "Idol of the stage?" "I told the stage?" This screen is pretty dark, maybe I'm missing something.

    9. It looks to me like the pic might say "Hold The Stage!" Maybe something along the lines of "Stop The Presses!" or something?

    10. (cross-posted from the identical thread on the Delf Art DES that I started >.<;)

      And my DES only *just* got shipped out *yesterday*. Makes me want to cry ;_;

      Although her faceup isn't as attractive to me as the custom faceup I requested for my DES. I'll use that as consolation >.> But the outfit looks like it could be really amazing.


      Anyone interested in buying a DES off of me? XD
    11. Her new pictures and the price are up. :D I wish you could get her outfit and guitar separately.. *sigh*
    12. No kidding. That outfit is awesome! :crushed

      I'm amused though, she's wearing the same eyes I gave Simi some time ago. Only I like them bigger, 20mm :grin:
    13. I LOVE that outfit. It's so cool. Luts has a lot of cool, leather outfits :D
    14. I'm not a fan of her shoes, but HER FINGERNAILS. Oh, man, I love her fingernails!!! They're just amazing. All that detail packed into such a tiny, tiny little bit of area.

      I also like her plaid skirt/outfit. Mmm. Luts is wonderful.
    15. Do luts let you do layaways on the rare dolls as well? ^^; I think I need her XD
    16. It's a Nana Osaki type DES! Goodness me.
      She looks really cool...my only nitpick is that that guitar looks too small for her. Is that a Souldoll guitar?
      I wonder if anyone on DOA will be able to get her ^^

      About the layaway, I doubt it ^^;; sorry...
    17. Okay, forgive me if I'm just a moron, but exactly where do you get those "ED Glass No.38 eyes 18MM (ED Urethane eyes)" of hers? Someone on here said they already had them, but :?
      That color is fantastic! :D
    18. Ah ok, it's just luts let you do layaways for everything else, you know, you can just pay $10 a week or something, but I wanted to know if they did it with the rare dolls! ^_^