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New Delf Art: Freyja Miyu

Jan 30, 2007

    1. Freyja Miyu




      "FREYJA MIYU" Limited

      * Sales on 31th Jan. 2007 11;30 am. (in Korea time)

      Only 5 sets release world wide.

      INCLUDED : DELF MIYU with Dark Elf SOO hand parts, wig, shoes, eyes, completed make up.

      She so gorgeous and I already love Miyu...god I want her.
    2. Oh dear LORD!!!!
      I must have her..... I love everything about her!!
      I will SOOOO be stalking the computer...
    3. I am absolutely in love with her outfit! GAHH SHE IS SO CUTE! :D
    4. She's so adorable. I think she'd go out fast O_O
    5. DAMN!!!! I'll be at work when she is released!!!
      I'm gonna cry :( :( :( :( :( :( :( T.T T.T T.T T.T T.T

    6. I know *sobs* If I had the money and didnt have to work Id probably have her in no time..but noooooo...why must they taunt me like this?! :...(
    7. Their so evil!!!
      I didn't even really like miyu all that much but oh my GOD this one is to die for!!!
    8. Miyu was the first doll I ever fell for...and this didnt help any.
    9. I like her outfit and hair. It's what really makes her special here I think XP
    10. She's gorgeous!! I absolutely love her outfit :D
    11. oh wow!! She is amazing!! :D
    12. :doh I've adored Miyu for a long time...and she's perfect :doh
      How can I make money for her? I want her badly.....!!! :...(
      She must be so expensive...*sigh*

      Luts ART dolls are always so wonderful :aheartbea
    13. She's probably $1320 too just like Perennis Lishe. But at least Lish comes with 2 swords =P

      Now that I look at it, the outfit is a little way too pink. It's really cute but I think if I get her, I probably just want the outfit. And once that's on a perfect doll you kind of don't want to switch her out of it (that's no fun).
    14. Oh MY!!! O_O

      This Miyu is by far the most sensational Delf Art ever!!!! Why, why, WHY must they tempt me so!
      The outfit is to die for...heck the whole doll is to die for!

      *dies* DX
    15. Love Miyu XD

      a little iffy on the outfit though I love her hair :)

      if anyone needs an extra body to stalk the site let me know :) otherwise looks like yet another Luts art delf I won't be getting T-T
    16. OH! I've been wanting another girl, and she's *PERFECT!* Sadly, I don't think I have a chance...

      But if anyone gets her and doesn't want that wig...
    17. Man, I want that wig. Everything else is not for me...but...the color of that wig and the style. So pretty. >_<
    18. Shes so pretty ^.^ I'm thinking of were the name freyja came from. I wounder if there going to make a doll named Freyr. That would be interesting ^.^
    19. She is gorgeous!!
      this is the first time i think miyu is so attractive....^_^
      love that wig
    20. Oh my God she's gorgeous...I bet she'll cost a ton with that outfit. Too bad I don't have any current plans for a female doll. As pretty as she is, I wouldn't know what to do with her.