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new delf boy special on eluts

Apr 9, 2005

    1. Woah o_o <3. It doesn't look much like a Chiwoo, but then again I could be totally wrong.
    2. wow! hes very cute! >0< well in the korean site its written that his real name and his "option"? will be released later? please wait? lol *crappeh translation by kabi* but thats all it says about him~ besides his beautiful photos! :D
    3. :o :o

      SO PRETTY!!!!

    4. He's pretty, but... I'm disappointed he's not the one we've been looking at/waiting for. He looks kind of similar, but seems that his face is rounder and less elegant, nose is wider. Plus... no regular open-eyed verson?

    5. That looks like a dreaming Chiwoo to me.
    6. OMG!! He's gorgeous!!! XO I want~~~ LOVE both his heads and the face up is soo kool. ioi
    7. Gaah. That was me.

      I still think it's a dreaming Chiwoo. This might be my favorite of the dreaming faces so far. But I'm a sucker for Chiwoo.
    8. It is... if you look at the bar at the bottom of the screen when you're loading the page, the pics are Chiwoo_sp so yeah its a dreaming shiwoo. But why not elf? WHY??! WHHYYY GOD WHY!??!
    9. He is pretty... remembers me Chiwoo but I don't think it IS Chiwoo.... ^^'
      It is pretty ^^
    10. He's up on the English site now, too. However, he still doesn't have a name, which leads me to believe that he's not a Chiwoo, even if the image names are SP_CHIWOO-X.jpg. (He is, however, quite the hottie.) Holy God, that nose! It's beautiful!
    11. gorgeous, look good w/ my Chiwoo beside him :D
    12. LOL.. This is just my speculation...He looks like chi woo to me....

      I am suspecting that it could be Chiwoo Elf......From the 4th pic down, the boy looks as if he has little fangs... LOL ...maybe they are showing the 2 heads and not the actual open-eye head coz it would be too obvious?? PLUS they are hiding the pointy ears too *wriggles eyebrows*

      As I said, my speculation ~LOL..:)
    13. Oh, Kaisuki, I hope you're right. An Elf Chiwoo! Oh! *crosses fingers* Here's to hoping he isn't LE, eh?
    14. I do think he is an Elf Chiwoo...first of all the pictures if you save them say Chiwoo Special and when you look at the 5th picture you'll see that the left side (his right side) has a small white pointy canine coming from between his lips!!

      And he has the exact same nose as Chiwoo has!

      Finally Elf Chiwoo and Vampire Elf Chiwoo have finally been born!!!!

      Just a pity I only want to have 2 Dollshe dolls...no more 60cm dolls.. :|


    15. I've been waiting on that one too!! Maybe he'll be put up on the site soon, if they're adding new dolls? I wish there was more info about him, I love him. Sigh.
    16. Above post is mine, I got logged out somehow, sorry :oops:
    17. I was looking at the picture of that other boy a while ago, and I think that he might be a modified El. Like maybe the nose and lips were sanded? I'm not sure of course, but the original poster didn't have any information, and his eyes are the exact same shape. I don't want to crush anyone's dreams, but if it's true you'd just have to do the work yourself, or find someone who could do it. Like I said, I might be wrong, it's just a suspision I've been having.
    18. Not really. His eyes are a different shape and the rest of his face looks way more like Chiwoo then El...