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New DELF 'Breakaway' Limited

Nov 30, 2005

    1. He looks like El to me... very pretty. :3 Breakaway, Hyde called, he wants his coat back. X3 Man, I love his mouth!
    2. he's hot... wow i want one!
      i like his opened mouth ^^ its just too hot ><
    3. You beat me to the post. LOL

      Too bad it's a sleeping vampire head >_< I was hoping for a dreaming vampire head. But his sleeping head is also gorgeous. Way to go EL~
    4. This is an El?
      I was thinking he looks like Shiwoo crossed with Yder, but maybe my brains just slid out my bum....!

      Too many amazing dolls lately. (swirly-eyes icon here)

    5. I thought Breakaway was a cross between Shiwoo and El ><
    6. Looks like El to me, but I might be wrong.

      On closer examination, the dreaming head looks lot like Shiwoo's. And the sleeping head like Yder's.
    7. WTF CP. WTF.

      I can't afford you!!!! They're popping these things all out so fast my brain can't comprehend!!!!!!! OH GOD. T______T
    8. I don't think that's the El sculpt. His mouth is wrong... and his cheaks look a little different. Or maybe I'm imagining things.

      Urgh, I wish they'd take some head-on shots for once, instead of all these side angles and down-shots... Can't see anything!!
    9. YUMMY *swoons*
    10. :crushed :crushed :crushed
      I gonna kill them.. may I may I maaaay I? :crushed

      Seriously.. looks like hot-LUTS December ahead :fangirl
      But you know what I miss? Tan skin option in all LUTS dolls XD
      That would be something :fangirl (for me XD)
    11. definitely looks like an el/yder cross to me... i don't see shiwoo in him at all, personally
    12. I thought the same thing, actually. Looks like they've Frankensteined El's nose, Shiwoo's lips, and Yder's facial features. Or, uh, Yder's nose and El's facial features. Something like that D:

      *must agree with GoddessVirage on the WTF CP* ;_;
    13. Interesting that they never mentioned the doll's name. They just said BREAKAWAY... Is this a totally new mold or what? Seriously...
      He looks El, Yder and Shiwoo all at once. Then again I'm not wearing my glasses. Ugh. I don't know.. >_>

      Waahaa. Tish the three boys' lovechild everyone... >_> *slaps self*

      I wonder if they're ever going to end our suffering and telll us who he is already... >_>
    14. Whatever he is, he's beautiful! :o Have to love the pictures with the cigarette~
    15. Also, the first couple of pictures make me think Male Soony.
    16. Like Nepherim said, Sean as told him that they are planning an "El Custom" so this is what he is. It's like Woosoo was a custom of Chiwoo.
    17. GAH! I want and I want bad ;_;
    18. Purdy-purdy, and doesn't look like El to me. :)
    19. man, those people at CP have been busy the last few weeks!!!! the new guy is good looking. wish i had some money.