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New Delf Male Body - "Mature Type 3"

Aug 23, 2007

    1. I'm gald they finaly got the new bodies in for the boys. I hope the girls one come out soon as well, though at the same time that would be torture for me. Guess I would just have to pick another girl to bring home.
    2. I was thrilled to see the new double-jointed boy body, and look forward to seeing the girl's one as well. It's pretty aesthetically pleasing, considering, and I only hope that it's much more functional than the old body. The inflexibility of the single-jointed body was what drove me to put my Moon up for sale. I'll probably be getting a replacement for him next year.

      The knees don't really bother me. As long as they work well, I can stand a little ugliness. Then again, I was never enamored of the original sculpt.
    3. Umm, yeah, what about a girl here? Boy is cute though, I like the joints on the body, I think they are very cool looking. Sorry I just worked 18 hours. Can't think of anything more precise to say than, Very Cool. Me like. Want girl now.
    4. I love how the joints are kind of 'hidden', very well done, and it's VERY pleasing on the eye!
    5. This may be a silly question to ask, but is this body based off Type 1 or Type 2? I would naturally assumed the latter, but just to be sure..

      The knees are not as pleasing as the old body's, but it can't be helped. I trust it's very good when it comes to work..
    6. Finally!!! Double joints for Luts boys! :D The only thing I hope for the new bod is for it to be available for the old DELF molds and to have a neck similar to Type 1.

      Though the kness are bothering me a bit (beh, I think I reacted the same the first time I saw a Domuya Flexibody :sweat), that won't stop me from choosing the new body if that's a small price for more mobility and better posing. :)
    7. Ah yes, the knees of doom XD. Judging from Feeple's neck mechanism I'd say it would have the same type of twist-and-lock system that the type 2 Delfs have---and I'm hoping that they'll put up options for type 3 bodies on the type 2 dolls, too. It makes life easier that way ^^.
    8. I wish I could have those bodies for my two type one boys. T.T I thought it was going to be really weird looking like the creepy newskin kid delf joints, but it looks really nice.
    9. I'm looking forward to seeing how these work for people. Double joints appeal to me greatly, and the lack of posablilty on the old single jointed bodies sealed me against getting any CP dolls at all in the past. If these turn out to be well-balanced, and highly posable, I may be FAR more tempted by their dolls.
      (Not sure if this is a good thing or bad... but my dolly family could get bigger!)
    10. Ohh I love this body! I just ordered a Lu-Wen for the body (I bought a Moon SS head to keep instead of Lu-Wen heads)! Originally I was just about to order a new girl when this body popped up! Now I'll just have to wait til' the girls bodys arrives...

      Luts says about Girl Type 3 body:

      Dear Emilie,

      Hi! First of all, we're very sorry for the late response. Actually we don't have any plans to make Delf Girl's body with new joint system yet. Even if we do, we think it'll take a long time to make that possible. Anyway, thank you for your concern and if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you so much.



      Dear Luts!

      When will you release a New Type 3 Girl body?
      I really love how the joint system looks on the male body! :)

      Oh and will you release the Type 3 girl body with small chest option as well?



      They never really do answer the questions right...? :P
    11. Zingy: Knowing Luts, it'll probably happen sooner or later anyways >_>.

      They can't not advance the girls if they've done it to the boys; [crossout]people will want to start a feminism debate post on DoA or something *lol*.[/crossout]
    12. They've already said they would implement the joint system of the FeePle bodies into both Delf boys and girls.. it's just a matter of time. They also said earlier they would redo the MiniFee body with the double joints at some point. No plans for Kid-delf makeovers though.

      Would be nice if they switched them all to realskin resin too, and ditch that super pinky orange shade.
    13. wow... he's double jointed!! XD

      Oh! i just thought of something, would having the extra joints make the body harder to tighten/restring? O:
    14. byouyuuken ~ hehe totally >< I'm just so inpatient now! I want a girl with the new body! :D
    15. I don't like double jointed bodies as much. (Shrugs) I want the Lu-wen head but not the body. (As that's the only way to get the body right now).

    16. Honestly.. I can bare elbows but I don't like the knees >.<
      They may function better but.. I rather don't buy CP dolls for "function" just for their looks.. XD and those knees don't look good to me..
    17. I love that they finally caught on to the double-jointed happiness for advanced posing.

      I really like the idea of a curled up in the window pose, looking wistful...

    18. I like the idea of the double jointed bodies! :fangirl: So glad the torso on the new body is not segmented.

      Im just hoping the new knee joints cuts down on how kicky the legs tend to be! :doh
    19. I think it's a great idea. It's a little odd at first but I guess you get used to it, I like that the string is no longer exposed in certain areas because it just looks a bit wrong in photos sometimes having big gaping holes.
      I wish they made it sooner in fact. I'm looking forward to a girls one but I doubt they will make one, the Delf's seem to focus mainly on male products, they have more sculpts and more clothes, they seems to be a higher priority.