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New Delf Miyu?

Nov 29, 2005

    1. Over at


      Wow! She's beautiful! Looks like an older sister to Soo ^^ I really love her sculpt (has someone posted a topic for her yet? I didn't see one and I searched! If so, sorry, feel free to delete ^_~)
    2. She reminds me of a grown-up Nara... ^^;
    3. You're right Virage, she'd look good with a Soo methinks!
    4. Direct link here.

      Pictures are loading, loading, loading...wow, my connection is crap right now. 9_9

      She reminds me of someone. What a lovely, sloe-eyed gaze.
    5. oh man. lovely! thank you for that!
    6. Wow...
      They really snuck that by us huh? We're so busy asking about elves we forget to ask about new delfs. ^_^''
      She's really cute. I think she's growing on me already :)
    7. pretty...very pretty...too bad most girls aren't got me...only 2 I want.
    8. She looks like the bastard lovechild of El and Yder.

      This is a good thing, mind you.

      Thankfully there is absolutely no place for her here. :lol:
    9. oooh i did not need to click on that link. she is gorgeous! i love melancholy looking girls :D
    10. Buahaha... bastard lovechild of Yder and El... xDDD lmfao. *dead*

      Anyways... o_o Thank GOD it's not a boy. That's really all I can say. xD
    11. Yes, I agree...thank God it's not a boy.
    12. Although.. Another boy would be really sweet. ^_^
    13. yup this proves my point...LUTS are EVIL and wants all my money...She is lovely though...sigh...
    14. wow, she's gorgeous....is there going to be a new boy soon because last time soony was released and yder followed close behind?
    15. Oh my gosh, she's so beautiful! ;_;. I'm simply amazed and in awe! If I bought a girl, it'd definately be her! So beautiful! ;_;!
    16. I already want to know when there will be a mini fee version of her :p
    17. -dies laughing at the El-Yder bastard love child- For some reason, she looks so much more mature than all the other delf Girls. Her eyes may be smaller or something, but she's awesome!
    18. omg...she's lovely. finally a luts delf girl that i'm in love with. -le sigh-
    19. This was really surprising! She's available for purchase and everything already ^^ Normally Luts has the dolls up for a couple days and THEN they're released for sale. CP must be on a roll lately sculting all these beautiful new dolls XD (I wonder if they've hired some more staff?)
    20. ...craaaaap. I shouldn't have clicked...I knew I shouldn't have clicked. I LOVE her. Now I'm rethinking the modified female Yder...in favor of Miyu...CURSES!!