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Nov 22, 2005

    1. wow, he's beautiful! O.O and unlimited would be really, really good..
    2. I saw this earlier today! I kept thinking... Wait a minute. Is he new? @_@
    3. Ain't that the very same head of dreaming shiwoo vampire? I think they have made the 'shiwoo special' offering toghether the regular head and the usual vampire one...
    4. Nanyalin, you're right. That vampire head is the just dreaming vampire that's offered in optional parts. I grabbed mine just to make sure. lol So he's not really "new", but it's nice they're offering him as a special now. I always wondered why everyone else had a special set but not Shiwoo.

      I'm glad for the updated Shiwoo pictures personally. lol Mmmmmm...love Shiwoo.
    5. oopsy @.@;
      sorry I didn't knew his vampire head is the same from the luts option parts place :oops:
      again sorry x_x;;
    6. I'm still waiting on a dreaming Elf Shiwoo, myself. That would be the smexiest. XD But no love for the elves from Luts lately. ;_;
    7. eek, my boy (fiancee, not doll) just saw this and really wants a Shiwoo vampire, I wonder where I can wrangle the thousand I need to get the Shiwoo special and an extra body? (vampire for him and the normal as a boyfriend for Corpselight- )MMMMMMMmmmmmmm [licks lips]