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New Delf - Soony

Feb 26, 2005

    1. What a cutie! :D

      She's a bit childish for my personal choice in SD size, but that face is still gorgeous. Such great lips!
    2. Oooh, she's darling... I think she could have a lot of attitude. ^^

      (But, dammit, does this mean we have to wait longer for the new boy? ;_; )
    3. Hmmm... She may be the first Delf full sized doll that I don't actually want to get... She' not bad, just not my cup of tea...
    4. Ooooo...purdy, purdy. I like her.
    5. She looks A LOT like an SD10 sister.

      That bugs me.
    6. She's pretty, but I agree she looks a lot like the SD10 sister's head....though it is really refreshing to see a CP doll that doesn't have that pointy 'you-could-put-your-eye-out-with-that' nose :oops: Nice lips, too....
    7. She's great. She has a sorta tomboy look that really appeals to me.

      (... now I have to update Gigglegeek.dk again *sigh*...)
    8. ahhh, no wonder she felt so familiar when i first saw her, but i just cant put my fingers on it. She's pretty cute
    9. She's cute... so she's tentatively on my want list. I agree she looks like SD10 four sisters, but she also reminds me of Choa.

      - Therese
    10. She looks like Ttory and Cory's older sister. Think they have a theme going?
    11. Shes got a lot of attitude. Me likey.
    12. She is so cute o_o. Looks like an older version of Ttory.
    13. Ooh, she's a darling. What a total cutie~!

      (... though I was hoping she was that new boy we heard about it.)
    14. Oh damn, I was hoping they'd introduce the boy too. She is cute, but does have something of the four sisters head about her. And since I'm planning on getting a sister head girl oneday it would be kind of silly for me to get this girl. I do see a bit a Lishe in her too...the lips in particular are very Lishe like. And yeah, her body seems much slimmer and more girl-like then the mature Lishe body. Overall a very cute girl, but I think my favorite female CP face is still Dark Elf Soo (though I must admit Elf Lishe is growing on me).
    15. I can't decide if I'm totally unimpressed or just need to see her with different makeup and clothing. She could go either way.
    16. Wow, I really like her! She looks super spunky!

      Gonna add her to my list.

      I think she looks like Cori and Mary's older sibling.
    17. I think she looks like CHOA too, I'm with twingling!! (I think Choa also has sort of a 4 sisters thing going on, so I do see that too)....

      I think she's PRETTY, I like her! It looks to me like for sure she's on the smaller boobed girl body, everybody agree?

      Oo. I like her. Oo. (and uh-oh, lol) I really do like her I think she's CUTE. Am anxious to see owner pictures of her.
    18. I'm kind of feeling the same way... I don't dislike her - she's cute - but I'm not wowed by her or feel any need to have her come live with us... I'd really like to see her head at different angles - not pointed down quite so much - to get a better feel for her face. I think she'll be popular with the folks who like child dolls better. She could be Lishe's kid sister, for instance... But it will be interesting to see her repainted!
    19. i really like her. first thing after i saw her, i thought of choa. anyway, she'd be cute for soo's sister or choa's sister. i'd love to see her with different hair and make-up. she's the kind of doll that i'll like more and more as i see more of her.