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New DIM Adela & Meriel with younger body

Jan 14, 2009

    1. Dear Customers,

      We are very happy to introduce new happy girls as follows.

      - ADELA


      - MERIEL


      - New happy girl body


      [Size details]

      * Body: New Happy Girl Body
      * Head: 18.5cm
      * Height: 43cm
      * Circumference of Neck: 8cm
      * Circumference of Bust: 18cm
      * Width of Shoulder: 8.3cm
      * Circumference of Waist: 14.3cm
      * Circumference of Hip: 18.7cm
      * Foot : 5.2cm
      - Completed Doll without Face-up. Please select option for face-up(Eyelashes is not included)
      - wig(Random)
      - Crystal Acrylic Eyes(16mm Random)
      - Package Box
      - Certificate

      Thank you very much.

      Denny / DIM DOLL
    2. Is it possible to just buy the breast part? I would love to replace my Odelia's torso with the immature piece.
    3. Would DIM allows current owners to turn in there old bust for the new one?
    4. Thanks for the inquiry.
      The body isn't made based on the previous body so the torso part is not compatible.
      Thank you ^^


      Thanks for the inquiry.
      Like I replied above, it's not compatible.
      Previous DIM Happy girls will keep their body.

      Thank you ^^

    5. Can you order any of the Happy girls with the less mature body?
    6. Denny, does the new girl body fit with the old happy head, no modding needed.
      I have Benetia would she be able to be put on this body.
    7. The previous models are not well matched with the younger body.
      Sorry about it.