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New DIM happy boy

Jul 28, 2009

    1. Hello ^^

      It's now open for preorder.

      Name : Alpon

      Link : http://www.dimdoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=314

      * Body: Happy New Boy Body
      * Head: 18.5cm
      * Height: 47.5cm
      * Circumference of Neck: 8cm
      * Circumference of Bust: 18cm
      * Circumference of Shoulder: 7.5cm (including shoulder : 10cm )
      * Circumference of Waist: 15cm
      * Circumference of Hip: 18.5cm
      * Leg Length: 24cm
      * Foot : 5.5cm


      - Rabbit Mask
      - Completed Doll without Face-up. Please select option for face-up(Eyelashes is not included)
      - Wig(Random)
      - Acrylic Eyes(14mm Random)
      - Package Box
      - Certificate


      Thank you ^^

    2. Beautiful!^^ Will the rabbit mask be available later on to buy?
    3. Yes, it will be 40$(no face up)

      Thanks ^^
    4. He's so beautiful, Denny! Will there be more outfits available like this for all the Happy boys? I just ordered Jullis and he needs that special size.:aheartbea
    5. Are Alpon's clothes that he is shown with, available to buy with him as a full set?
    6. Is he limited? =]
    7. Could give a link to the rabbit mask. I could't find it only the doll/mask set.