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New DIM Happy Forest Fairy models

Feb 27, 2008

    1. These aren't going to be limited, are they? :o
    2. hi ^^ They are not limited, but as usual, once they are sold out, there will be many months to go to reproduce.

      Thank you


    3. Hello Denny , they are lovely! Will there be a choice of white skin in the future?
    4. Hi CL, thanks for inquiry.

      We don't have any plan to produce them in white skin color.
      But ^^ if we receive many request from customers, we can consider to do it in the future.
      At the moment, only normal skin will be sold.
      Have a good day !

    5. Will we be able to purchase them as heads only?
    6. Is there any possibility of getting them as boys?
    7. -Unfortunately, heads are not sold seperately. Sorry ^^

      -If the resin color matches, we have no problem to offer them as boys.
      But we need to check once those are produced.

      Good day ^^
    8. will the eyes and/or clothes be available for purchase with the dolls?
    9. I love morningdew, she's beautiful... I have a question... If we order the dolls it says they come with acrylic eyes, but the eyes in the pictures scare me a bit, is it possible to request normal ordinary acrylic eyes instead of the glow-y jewel looking ones in the pictures?
    10. is it possible to get eyes like in the pics? I love the metallic eyes but I don not see any eyes on your site.
    11. I'm pretty sure the eyes shown are handmade and used only for the ads... it was the same for v1 DiM Marianne and Odelia. These gals likely come with the usual default acrylics.
    12. Will they also be available as humans?
    13. Hello!!!

      I've got a question, are the eyes and the wig that show in the picture the same that DIM send when you buy this dolls?? And it would be her outfits on sale?
      In the store aren't availables this things.

      I like Flowne complete! :fangirl:
    14. I don't think so. It says that the eyes and wig will be random, if you order the doll and further down the page it says the outfit was custom made, so I don't think they'll sell them. :(