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New DIM models and bodies

May 9, 2007

    1. Dear Customers,

      Thank you very much for your patient.

      We are scheduled to take pre-orders for our new D.I.M Love bodies around mid.May delivering at the end of June.

      We have two different types of torsos for D.I.M Love models.
      The height is about 62cm tall.
      Body A : For all current D.I.M Love models
      Body B : For bigger heads(More thicker neck)
      The bodies are more well-built comparing with the current body and the movement will be better in some points.

      Along with the new bodies, we have two fascinating boy models coming out.
      (One of them is an upgraded model of Danbi but it has its unique face)

      We D.I.M have more models to be relased in May and June

      D.I.M Happy : 1 model (Female with the modified body)
      D.I.M Sweet : 3 models(sexlessness, with new body, 25cm)
      D.I.M Honey : 1 model(Femal, with new body)

      Thank you very much for your love on our dolls !

    2. Are these bodies Male, Female or both types?
    3. The two new bodies are Male.
      In fact, it's one body with two differnt torso(Neck size)

      MrsJDean - Two D.I.M Love models will be released next Monday for pre-order.
      We will take photos for them this weekend.
    4. Pictures of the new dolls are up on the site now. They look like rock stars. (: